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House Plans Without a Garage

If you are looking for house plans without garages, we have a wide selection for you to consider. At Monster House Plans, we have an impressive selection of home plans that include the elements you need for your new home construction project. We understand that along with the finishing touches to your dream home, the floor plan is something that takes careful consideration.

A house plan without a garage is a great idea if you want the extra square footage to be used to extend the interior living space of the home. House plans without garages are especially important to consider if you are building on a relatively narrow piece of land. It may make more sense to build in more livable space, rather than using a section of the space for a garage. We have over 2,000 house plans without garages attached. We also have the ability to modify any of our plans, many of which might have a garage that can be easily removed.

At Monster House Plans, we are happy and would be more than willing to provide you with a free modification quote if you find a house plan that is close to your ideal selection but needs some fine tuning and tweaks to make it right for you. By purchasing your pre-drawn home plan from us, you will be saving up to 90% of the architectural fee over design and construction documents. Don't sell your dreams short; everyone deserves to have their needs met when it comes to the construction of their dream home.

Our friendly staff includes a licensed architect readily available and able to assist you with any of your questions. We are ready to help you in your search for the ideal home plan.

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