Modern Farmhouse House Plans

Farmhouses are a popular architectural choice among home buyers who live on large plots of land. However, not all farmhouse styles look good in modern communities. Modern floor plans are now available to accommodate those who enjoy the simplicity of a farmhouse but require updated features and styling. You'll still get the quaint appearance of a farmhouse but with more modern interior and exterior advancements.

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Today's Modern Farmhouse Floor Plans

Modern-day and traditional-style farmhouses share similar aesthetics, especially on the exterior with their symmetrical facades. You'll typically see an equal number of windows on each side of the door, including front gables over a long porch. Porches are common features of both modern and traditional farmhouses. Some may wrap around the house whereas others extend across the facade.

Exterior Details

Traditional farm house plans usually include one or more dormers, and modern-day house plans are no exception. You'll find newer farmhouses with three dormers across the front complete with shutters to match the windows on the lower level. Other common exterior features include:

  • Wood or vinyl siding
  • Attached or standalone garages
  • Spindle railings on the deck or porch
  • Natural materials such as stone
  • Numerous windows for natural lighting

Interior Details

Today's farmhouses have upgraded interiors with wide-open living spaces. Traditional farms normally separate the kitchen and the family room. Modern house plans opt for open-concept kitchens that overlook the family room. Two-story models will have the bedrooms and one or two baths located upstairs. Other common interior features include:

  • A central fireplace
  • Mudrooms
  • Track and recessed lighting
  • Tiled backsplashes
  • Wine nooks

Why Choose Modern Farmhouse Plans?

Home plans for modern farmhouses are popular for those who live in residential communities inside and outside city limits. They range in size from one-story to two-story models with modern conveniences such as open floor plans, wine bars and game rooms. It's also common for home buyers to purchase our house plans and to have the builder customize and upgrade the interior with more features. has hundreds of Modern and Traditional farmhouse home plans . These homes provide deep-covered porches to lure you outdoors and dozens of windows to bring in natural light. Walk-in pantries, casual nooks and spacious master bedrooms are common features in many of our plans. Whether you're building on a large or small lot, we have plans in our inventory to fit most any space.