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House Plans Octagon Shaped Homes

MonsterHousePlans.com offers a vast selection of house plan styles designed to suit your vision for your property. Octagon shaped homes have rather unique house plans due their layout and configuration. We are dedicated to offering you the perfect house plan based on your preferences and budget. Octagon shaped homes are striking in both appearance and design. These pleasantly surprising and visually intriguing homes have captured the hearts of many designers and home owners alike. These homes are confident in design and each house plan has many favored features which are including but are not limited to:

  • Secondary raised roofs which allow luminous light to flow through either a specifically designated room in the home or the entire upper floor
  • Spectacular 360 degree views that are ideal for beachfront or high elevation locations
  • Formal or casual design
  • Option for an open floor plan
  • 360 degree porches or decks.
  • Option for expansive windowing
  • Central spiral staircases.
Due to the eight symmetrical exterior walls found with octagon shaped homes, the possible features are countless. Generally, these floor plans include verandas that surround the entire structure and are more commonly built out of wood, brick, and concrete, giving the homeowner and designer flexibility.

At MonsterHousePlans.com we are confident in our selection of floor plans. We have a vast selection to ensure your needs are met without breaking the bank. Call us today to find the perfect octagon shaped house plan today!