Plantation House Plans

Remember the game-show Password where you tried to get your opponent to say a particular word? Well, say the word Plantation home and anyone who's seen or read Gone with the Wind will reply "Tara". But not all Plantation house plans were the grand, palatial mansions that Tara and Twelve Oaks were. Many Plantation houses were more modest working farms.

We often hear the term Antebellum and associate it with the Plantation house style. The term Antebellum means 'before the war' in Latin. However, the term refers to a time and place in history rather than a house style. Features we tend to associate with Plantation house plans are:

  • Greek Revival or Federal style
  • Grand, symmetrical and boxy
  • Center entrances
  • Balconies or wrapped porches
  • Columns or pillars
  • Hip or gable roofs
  • Pediments
  • Evenly spaced windows
  • Grand entry foyers
The term Plantation refers to a large farm or estate cultivating cash crops by resident labor. The Plantation house plans you will find on reflect what the owner of a Plantation house might have lived in.

We find very few people interested in the Grand Ballrooms of yester-years Plantation houses. Today's Plantation house plans have the exterior 'look' of the Antebellum exterior but incorporate the interior features that are the most popular such as Great Rooms, open floor plans and Media Centers.

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