Tudor Floor Plans

The Tudor House Plan style flourished in England in the early 16th Century. Tudor style houses feature striking decorative timbers as their signature identity. "Half-timbered" buildings have exposed wood framing. The spaces between the wooden timbers are filled with plaster, brick or stone.

As the Tudor house plan found its way to the United States, the practice of half-timbering became unfeasible due to the gaps that allowed cold drafts to enter the interior of the home. Home builders began to use the timbering strictly as decorative trimming that emulated the Tudor style home plan look. Tudor house plans have many of the following features:

  • Decorative half-timbering
  • Steeply pitched roof
  • Prominent cross gables
  • Tall, narrow windows with small panes
  • Reminiscent of a Medieval looks
  • Beautifully patterned brick or stone work
The Tudor french house plan saw a long history in England and it is still one of the favorite house plan styles of the Brits. The Tudor found popularity in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s with resurgence in the 1970s and 1980s.

Tudor architectural products are certainly something to keep in mind when building and authenticating your Tudor house plan. The signature leaded-glass in either the diamond or rectangle pattern is a must. And don't forget the strap hinges and door knockers to adorn your fortress door. Even the most perfectly designed and executed Tudor house plan door can be taken to the next level of authenticity via correct Tudor hardware. Hardware - especially iron hardware was mostly forged by hand by the local smith. Tudor manor doors many times had elaborate strap hinges that were both decorative and functional. These hinges were functional in that they provided extra strength across the door to support the massive weight of these heavy, many times oak, doors. For this reason, the strap hinge normally extends across most of the width of the door. A latch and door ring combination was the normal lockset of the Tudor times. New home Tudor architecture requires a significant amount of forged iron on windows and doors.

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