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House Plans V Shaped Homes

Whether you are looking to build a starter home, family friendly vacation home, or even the home of your dreams, the diversity found among our V shaped house plans is sure to meet your expectations. Often, V shaped homes allow the house to have a central focal point for features such as a fountain or viewpoint. The home itself from the skyline appears in the actual shape of a "V", hence the name. Many features found in V shaped house plans include but are not limited to:

  • A multistory or open concept
  • A multistory or open concept
  • Option to build almost any architectural style
  • A modern or contemporary overall design and layout
  • Unique window styles to fit the overall openness of the home's floor plan
  • Various foundational options that allow flexibility with the building site
Offering a diverse variety of house plans and styles designed to suit your property, MonsterHousePlans.com strives to creating the best overall shopping experience for your new home project. No matter what specifics you desire for your V shaped home, we will work with you in acquiring the perfect plan. Our professional staff and our licensed architects are available to answer any questions you may have.

At MonsterHousePlans.com we are confident in our products and our prices. If you find the same plan for less on any other Broker Site we will not only meet the price but will actually beat it by an additional 5%!

Call or visit us at MonsterHousePlans.com and let us help you find a superb V shaped house plan just for you!