English Country House Plans

English country home plans have never gone out of style or favor with home buyers. These houses have undergone many changes in their 500-year history but still captivate people with their sloping roofs, steep gables and exquisite exterior materials.

English Country House Designs and Styles

Modern English country floor plans mimic the original designs except for the size. However, they still have the same visual grandeur and stately identity as those that are found in England. They're suitable for growing families and those who plan to entertain large dinner parties and formal black-tie affairs.

Exterior Details

Though English country homes are smaller in scale, they still look large compared to other house designs in America. They're available in both single- and two-story variations with visible timbering on the exterior. In fact, it's common to see stone, brick or stucco materials used to design these homes. Other common features include:

  • Uneven roof lines
  • Cross gables
  • Squared windows
  • Decorative timbering
  • Dutch doors

Interior Details

English country house plans are similar to the original designs in many ways. For one, you can customize them with individual wings for use as libraries, dens, music rooms and more. However, you can also pick from sprawling floor plans with a central great room. Some common interior features include:

  • Open floor plans
  • Second-story bedrooms
  • Foyers
  • Attached garages
  • One or more fireplaces

Do English Country House Plans Appeal to You?

English country houses are the perfect fit for homebuyers who have large families. These homes have a grandiose facade with an impressive styling thanks to their cross gables, natural materials and majestic architectural design. The interiors vary from separate wings to open living areas that are connected by a great room. These homes have more than enough space for those who want to grow their families and live happily under one roof.

With their awe-inspiring exteriors and massive interiors, English country houses are ideal for buyers who appreciate history and striking architectural design. We have hundreds of English country home plans to choose from in our collection as well as Tudor and French Country plans as well. You can sort them by features, square footage and more. Our database is growing every day and includes new plans that you can choose from to build your new home.

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