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Monster Materials List

Get Your List of Building Materials for Any House Style Receive Your Complete Materials List in Days, Not Weeks

Ready to build and don't want to wait?

Monster's materials list includes:
  • Full list of necessary building materials
  • Details on everything from windows to flooring
  • Easy-to-read PDF and Excel formats for simple cost calculations

When you purchase a set of plans from Monster House Plans, you can also order the materials list right away!

With a detailed list in your hands, you can purchase your construction materials and supplies faster. It only takes three to five business days to receive your list, whereas most lumber yards take four to eight weeks.

Purchasing lumber and other supplies after you've started work on your project is not only more expensive but also risky. If you find your project delayed for an unforeseen reason, you might have to settle for materials that aren't exactly what you want. Or worse, crucial building material for your project may no longer be available.

You need a list of building materials for a house you plan to build before you can move forward with your project. With a comprehensive inventory at your disposal, you can quickly purchase everything you need to keep your job moving.

For this reason, smart builders who avoid delays choose Monster House Plans—we save you time by getting the materials list to you quickly with all the specs you need to assemble the perfect home.

Here's a Preview of the Monster Materials List—And How to Get Yours


Sample Monster Material List Sheet

pdf-color-icon DOWNLOAD SAMPLE
  • On any house plan page, click on the [[Material List]] button
  • Select ‘Material List’ from the dropdown
  • Purchase your materials list using our secure ordering system

You'll get an email confirmation when your order is complete. Our specialists will assemble your materials list and deliver your documents within three to five business days.

Our All-in-One List

Every Piece and Part Down to the Last Detail

With Monster House Plans, you don't have to worry about the details. We’ll make sure you receive a complete materials list in days with all the information you need to purchase tiles, joints, bricks, and other building materials.

Monster House Plans puts your needs first. Our building materials list is easy to access, understand, and use. It includes every item you need for your project identified in clear, easy-to-read terms. You’ll save time with our famous pre-build checklists, which ensure you purchase everything in the right quantities.

The Monster materials list is a complete inventory of every piece and part needed for your build, including:
  • Exterior & Interior Composite Material
  • Flooring Systems
  • Exterior & Interior Doors
  • Door Frames & Trim
  • Window Sash, Frames & Trim
  • Steps, Risers & Treads

...and any other materials you need!

The best part about our construction material list is how easily it can be accessed and used. You'll have all the details required to obtain accurate quantities and dimensions with ease.

Plus, our blueprints are carefully designed to show exactly what items you will need to build your structure quickly and properly.

Build with confidence, knowing you have the right material for your home construction project. Monster House Plans' materials list is the fastest, most accurate way to get your plan and build moving forward.

Your List Is Ready in 5-7 Business Days

Spend more time building and less time worrying when you purchase a set of Monster House Plans today. You get access to our online inventory within three to five business days—that's how fast we are.

Builders agree that Monster House Plans is the best resource for planning and building quickly and efficiently. Your materials list is delivered with every detail required to make your project a success.

Don't waste time trying to create your own materials list when you can have Monster House Plans' comprehensive list in your email box.

Formatted and Easy-to-Read Material Lists At Your Fingertips

One key advantage you get with the Monster House Plans materials list is how easy it is to consult, read, and use. The inventory is clearly-labeled for quick reference, with specs on exterior and interior finishes—exactly what you need to know when placing your order.

Every detail is covered in the materials list, even things that seem small but are integral to a successful build.

Building is hard work—make it easier with Monster House Plans' materials list. With specifications for every part of your project, our materials list provides the right information at the right time.

Obtaining your full list often takes weeks or even months. Monster House Plans provides the information you require in days. Our complete materials list includes everything you’ll want to plan your project with ease.

You get specifications for all of your parts—from lumber, tile, and stone to fixtures, finishes, and every detail in between.

Monster Materials List FAQs

The Monster materials list is a complete inventory of every item you need to purchase for your home building project. The list includes specs for exterior and interior finishes, as well as details on wood framing, flooring systems, and more.

You get a complete bill of materials that you can use to establish your exact quantities.

Our all-inclusive materials list is an exclusive offer you won't find anywhere else. We deliver a complete inventory of your order with specs for exterior and interior wall framing, flooring systems, doors, and tracks—all at an affordable price.

Because other architects, designers, and lumber yards often take weeks to provide a materials list, you end up spending more time waiting than building. Plus, their lists can be difficult to understand, leaving you with questions about what's needed and how much material you should purchase.

With the Monster House Plans materials list, everything is clearly labeled, which makes it easier to calculate costs and plan ahead.

Nobody else is offering a complete inventory like this, and you don't have to wait weeks to receive it. Ultimately, our materials list saves you time and money

With Monster House Plans, you get access to our materials list within days. You also get specifications for exterior and interior finishes like siding, stone, flooring systems, and more.

The price is whatever it costs to purchase the item quantities required on your job site. Prices vary by location and vendor, but with your list, you can start planning expenses and comparing vendor costs right away.

This is one of the many advantages of getting your list so quickly. When you have to wait on plans, it's harder to forecast the cost of materials. But with Monster House Plans' list, you can take your information to vendors to get free quotes, giving you the opportunity to negotiate for lower prices.

Everything a contractor needs to build a new home from the ground up is included:
  • Lumber
  • Wall Cladding
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Millwork
  • Insulation

You'll know what you need to build your project the way you want, with an inventory that's complete down to the last detail. All of this information is available in one place for easy reference—no more calling around to multiple suppliers and waiting weeks or months to get a list.

Working with Monster House Plans ensures it's easy to plan your project—and to budget for materials accurately. Our materials list provides all of the necessary information so you can streamline your planning, building, and purchasing processes.

The builds on Monster House Plans' materials list are for homes located in the U.S., which means they're in imperial measurements. The list will help you find the materials you need in your location, no matter where it is.

However, this does mean that the cost of construction material will vary from region to region based on the cost of goods and other factors.

You'll be able to build your project faster with an exact list of items that lets you forecast costs. Our materials list makes it easy to compare prices from your local retailers, so you can get the best deal possible.

Monster House Plans can also help you predict expenses with our construction industry-leading Cost-to-Build estimator. This exclusive tool calculates the cost of your new home based on a custom list of specs you choose, including the location.

The Cost-to-Build estimator is available online through, and it lets you see a close estimate of how much a project will cost before breaking ground.

The Monster Materials List focuses on the materials needed to build a house, not foundational elements like site development. That's why you need our Cost-to-Build estimator, too. It lets you plan an accurate budget for both building and site development.

The list is only the first step in planning your project, but it helps simplify things so you can focus on getting started with the construction

A materials list lets you know what tools and supplies will be required to build a house, which can help with long-term plans for construction—but it's not going to provide the whole picture of your project, especially if you have complex site development needs

Monster House Plans' materials lists are designed to help you get started on your new home. We offer our lists for all our plans, so you can choose one that fits your needs and simplify the planning process—but it's up to you where to get the items.

You can buy all of the materials directly from Home Depot or Lowes, or you can visit your local lumberyard for advice and to get prices on each of the materials. Our lists include full specifications for everything from windows and timber to siding and roofing—and all of it is in stock and available to order at any major retailer.

Our list doesn't lock you into a specific brand or product—you get the specs on everything you need, which makes it easier to compare prices and options.

Customers often start with our list before they go to their local lumberyards for advice about building high-quality homes. Monster House Plans' experts help customers pick out the right materials and finishes for their builds, so they can get the best results with each build.

This gives you the flexibility to choose synthetic materials, fire-resistant roofing material, natural wood, and other modifications to your final product.

Need lightweight material? No problem. Sticking with standard Portland cement? Perfect choice. Whether you want engineered-wood exterior panels or stylish clay bricks, our materials list gives you tons of options.

When you purchase your materials list package, you'll get an email with your list of building materials attached. You can save the list or print it out to have as a reference while you're building

It's a good idea to back up your plan, materials list, and other important data with a cloud service or on an external device. That way, you won't lose any information if anything happens to your device during the construction process.

No, does not retain any credit card information. This ensures that your information is safe and secure. We use a PCI-compliant service to process payment information.

We do not send unsolicited emails or share your contact information with third parties.

Monster House Plans' passion is helping people build their dream home—and that means making the planning process easier, faster, and more affordable for our customers. We're proud of our high-quality materials list, and we're sure it will make a huge difference in your budget and planning process.

Purchasing our plan gives you full permission to build the final structure.

However, MonsterHousePlans’ designers to be identified as the author of this plan, including imprint rights. We do not allow this material to be printed or distributed in any other manner without consent from For more details, please consult our Legal & Privacy Policy.

Streamline Your Home Build With an All-in-One Materials List

You can take a lot of the waiting and hassle out of the home construction process when you have all your materials information ready to go. Choose your house plan and order your materials list to get started with the perfect build.

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