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    Your business model and personal touches really set you apart from all of the other cookie-cutter house plan websites that have customization tools. We look forward to working with you.

    - Christine C

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    I love the simplicity of the search process, and most of all the fact that the floorplan is displayed alongside the image of the house. It makes browsing through your hundreds of plans so incredibly easy, not to mention the vast amount of time that it saves.

    - Howard D.

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    I’m a contractor and your site is the one I send all of my customers to because it’s easy to navigate and it looks great! And thank you for the contractor discounts too!

    - Rod P.

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    You guys have the best site EVER! I love your search results page where I can just ‘hover’ over a plan to take a quick peek at the floor plans without clicking through.

    - Alyssa C.

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    I was floored when I actually got to speak to an architect about my plan questions! Thank you Jeff, for the education, time and patience with me.

    - Nancy V.

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to get me straightened out with my account information this morning. I appreciated your helpful insights about the construction industry and the plan modification process. I want to complement you and the monsterhouseplans team for creating an amazing website!

    - Cheri M.

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    Brian, the work you have done again, is perfect, we are very impressed, especially after having work done by other architects in the past.

    - Richard H.

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