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Q: Will I really be able to build this house from these plans?
MHP: Yes. Your plans (Construction Set, PDF, Reproducible, or CAD file) will include all the information your builder needs to construct your home. However, they may not include all the information your local building department wants in order to issue you a permit. For example, the house plans will not include a site plan, septic design, well permit, or engineering specific to your region's weather, wind, soil or seismic conditions. Your building department will provide you with a checklist of all requirements for a building permit. For more info, see Building Codes & Permits.
Q: Why should I buy a stock house plan rather than have an architect design a custom home for me?
MHP: Savings of approximately 80% is why you should consider a stock luxury house plan. Think of the difference between a custom design and a stock plan as being similar to having a custom gown designed for you by Giorgio Armani, or, going to Macys and purchasing one of the rack. The one off the rack will be close to what you need in looks and size, but may need some alterations or enhancements to really fit you. The custom, however, will be tailor-made to fit your body (and you'll pay the price for it!). Stock plans are homes that were designed by an architect or designer and built for a customer. Since the designer has already drawn the plan, you aren't paying for his time to create a design. They are plans he has "on-the-rack" so to speak.
Q: What is the difference between a "daylight basement" and a "walk-out basement"?
MHP: A daylight basement is not necessarily on a sloping lot. A daylight basement will have a portion of the basement with windows exposed, but not necessarily the ability to 'walk-out' from the basement level. A walk-out basement is built on a sloping lot (either upward, side, or downward) and on the sloping side, the basement is completely exposed with access to the outside from the basement level. See plan # 1-109 for an example of a "walk-out basement" and plan # 1-134 for an example of a "daylight basement".

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Q: I love this house plan but the CC&R's in the neighborhood where I plan to build requires side-entry garages and this one is a front-entry. Any suggestions?
MHP: You bet! This is a very simple change that can very often be made locally by your builder. It not, it is generally a relatively cost effective change to make. Just click the "Modify This Plan" tab on your plan's search results page and we'll find out what the designer will charge to make this change for you.
Q: I don't know how many sets of plans I need. Can I just buy one set and then copy them as needed?
MHP: No. All of our designers plans are protected under Federal Copyright Law and cannot be copied. You could purchase a CAD file, Reproducible Master, or PDF. These plan sets provide you with a copyright release giving you permission to print up to 12 copies of the plans as you need them. However, the license is to build only one home unless otherwise stated.
Q: I'm in love with a house that is 2500 square feet, but my builder says I need to stay under 2200 square feet -- any suggestions?
MHP: Talk to your builder to see if there is a way to cut costs via the materials you choose. There might be ways to save money on the cabinets, fixtures, flooring, countertops, appliances, roofing, etc., that you select.
Q: Why do I need to purchase the house plan before it is modified?
MHP: It is not necessary to purchase the plan before getting a MODIFICATION QUOTE. Should you decide to accept the modification quote, you then need to purchase the PFD or CAD file to get started because the plan will be customized for you. Designers also often collect a portion of their total upfront, which they will discuss with you.
Q: Should I only look at plans that were designed by an architect or designer from my state?
MHP: No. For the same reasons you don't need a driver's license from every state that you plan to drive in. The national codes the plans are drawn for are all very similar. Each of our designer's plans will reflect building codes in effect in the location and time they were designed. A designer or engineer in your state would be able to review the plans for any adjustments that may be needed for your region.
Q: What is a split entry?
MHP: Sometimes called a "split-foyer", "mid-level entry" or "raised-ranch", a split entry home is one where when you enter the front door, you are on the entry-level only. You must go either up or down a half-flight of stairs to get to living spaces. Typically going up leads to the main living quarters where downstairs would offer additional space for expansion, storage & laundry.
Q: Can you tell me where a house has been built?
MHP: Unfortunately, no. When we receive an order for a house plan, we only collect the billing and shipping address for the plans. We do not ask where the house will be built. Additionally, the Privacy Laws prohibit us from disclosing this information.

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