Cape Cod House Plans

The Cape Cod – a simple house plan with maximum potential. It's been a popular style since the 1700s when it was first constructed in New England. In fact, it gets its name from Cape Cod, a favorable destination spot in Massachusetts. The cottage American dream home has held up well to the northeastern weather since the 18th century and continues to be a favorite house style for builders across the country.

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Cape Cod Floor Design

You've probably seen a Cape Cod home when driving through the suburbs or out in the country. It's a favorite among home buyers because of its size and style. It's light on exterior details, but it has a distinctive charm as it sits nestled between the trees in a cozy neighborhood. Though most Cape Cods have a compact structure, they can easily be expanded to accommodate growing families. cape cod home exterior

Exterior Details

Cape Cod home designs come in various styles to meet any family's needs. They can feature both one- and one-and-a-half-story layouts and be customized with a builder for most any lot. These houses feature decorative shutters and an optional fireplace depending on the design and the build location. Whereas some layouts have a wide front porch, others exclude this feature in the design. Some common feature characteristics include:

  • Boxy, symmetrical appearance
  • Two or more dormers on the front
  • A centered front door
  • Symmetrically and equally spaced windows
  • Steep gabled roofs and small overhangs
 Top view interior floor plan

Interior Details

It may seem small on the outside, but the inside provides abundant space for a family. The first Cape Cod house plans featured only two bedrooms; however, the layouts have changed over time. Today, you'll find designs showing expanded sides to offer more bedrooms and privacy. Some common interior details in these home plans include:

  • A spacious, open living area
  • Separated or adjoining kitchen and dining areas
  • Attached garages
  • Livable attic spaces
  • A master bedroom downstairs with spare rooms on the next story

Who’s the Right Fit for these 1 Story Cottage Homes?

Because of its compact size, these 1 story cottage homes are the perfect match for young couples and single buyers. It's cozy on the inside and easy to maintain on the exterior. However, families with multiple children would also benefit from a Cape Cod as it can have as much as 3,000 square feet and be expanded at the sides for a two-car garage or extra rooms.

Find Classic Cape Cod Designs

The Cape Cod has a classic style and symbolizes the American dream when it's combined with a white picket fence and children playing ball outside. It offers plenty of space for new couples starting their lives together and for families who have stories to tell. For more similar styles visit New England Colonial and Traditional House Plans. For any other design of interest you can use our advance search tool.