Colonial House Plans

While some house designs have evolved over the years, colonial floor plans have remained virtually unchanged since their development in the 1700s. European colonists brought the residential home designs from Europe and tweaked them to fit the various environments in America. The colonial house of today looks similar to its Old World counterparts with slight variations depending on a family's needs, size and budget.

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Classic Colonial Home Designs

Colonial style homes vary in size and scope but generally offer the same features. Each plan involves a symmetrical design where the living and dining spaces are separated. These two-story homes typically have the bedrooms on the second floor with large windows to let the light stream in and illuminate the space. Though most designs are created with two stories in mind, it's possible to build a one-story home and to add on to it as the needs of the family grows.

colonial home exterior

Exterior Details

Colonial home exteriors are quite balanced and feature a central front door with an equal number of windows on each side, including a row of five windows lining the second-floor facade. Some floor plans cater to those who want a wide front porch whereas others feature a porchless design. Some common features of colonial home exteriors include:

  • Brick chimneys
  • Colored doors with matching shutters
  • Dormers
  • All-brick or half-brick and half-siding facades
  • Front gables

Interior Details

Because many colonial home plans have two stories, a stairway is located near the entryway, dividing the living room from the dining room and the kitchen. In some designs, an attached garage leads residents into the kitchen from their cars. Some other common interior features include:

  • Tall windows for allowing more light to enter
  • Straight or twisting staircases
  • A large, cozy fireplace
  • A central hallway
  • Colonial-style molding and columns
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Why Choose Colonial Floor Plans?

Those who want a timeless, classic design would enjoy living in a colonial-style home. The bedrooms are situated out of the way on the second floor, offering privacy from the living area downstairs. The designs allow for easy modifications and additions, giving families a way to add on more rooms or a garage.

Monster House Plans has numerous colonial home floor plans in our ever-growing database. They feature plenty of space and bedrooms for an established or a growing family and can be redesigned to accommodate your individual or environmental needs. Whether it's a starter home or something you plan to pass down through the generations, Monster House Plans has the perfect colonial home plan for you and your family.For similar styles make sure to check out Southern Colonial Homes.