Greek Revival House Plans

Greek revival house plans have been popular in the United States since the 1800s. Affluent people preferred them as they appeared sophisticated in design and differed from the British-style homes that had come before them.

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Influential Greek Revival Home Plans

It's not uncommon to see Greek Revival architecture in the business sector, especially with banks and government buildings. However, it's also a popular style in residential areas of the South and other regions in the United States. The houses are known for their large size and Greek-inspired materials and construction.

Exterior Details

All Greek Revival homes have one thing in common: columns. Whether its two columns at the entrance or two dozen surrounding the home, they're a staple in Greek architecture. When looking at house plans, you'll notice the symmetrical design with equal windows at each side of the door. Other common exterior features include:

  • Dormers
  • Cornice molding
  • Triangular gables
  • White-painted walls
  • Hip roofs

Interior Details

Greek Revival homes have stately exteriors and interiors. They feature plenty of space with numerous bedrooms. Most of them have open floor plans with grand kitchens and living areas. Some plans may feature spiral or straight staircases at the center of the foyer leading to four, five and six bedrooms upstairs. Other interior features include:

  • Fireplaces
  • Great rooms
  • Open kitchens with adjoining breakfast nooks
  • Separate dens and studies
  • Covered, enclosed patios to extend the interior space

Why Choose Greek Revival House Plans?

Greek Revival home plans are for those who want a stately house to stand on large acreage. These homes feature several bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and multicar garages, making them perfect for growing and multigenerational families. They appreciate in value over time and easily stand out in affluent neighborhoods. They have a unique design compared to traditional homes and have a long history in American architecture.

Find Greek Revival House Plans Here

Build your dream home using the Greek Revival home plans available for those looking for an open living space nestled within exquisite architecture. With four to six bedrooms and as many as six full bathrooms in some house plans, there's enough room for numerous family members to have their own space. If you are a fan of Greek Revival home designs you might also like our Georgian and Plantation home plans.