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3 Bedroom , 2 Bath Southern House Plan #14-137


3 Bedroom , 2 Bath Southern House Plan #14-137

Key Specs:
  • img 1654 Sq. Ft.
  • img 3 Bedrooms
  • img 2 Full Baths
  • img 1 Story
  • img 2 Garages
Floor Plans

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House Plan Highlights

Full Specs and Features

Total Living Area

Main floor: 1654

Porches: 401

Total Sq. Ft.: 1654


Bedrooms: 3

Full Baths: 2


Garage: 480

Garage Stalls: 2


1 story


Width: 68' 0"

Depth: 46' 0"

Height: 23' 0"

Roof slope

9:12 (primary)

Walls (exterior)


Ceiling heights

9' (Main)

Foundation Options

  • Crawlspace Standard With Plan
  • Slab Standard With Plan
Exclusive Options
Optional Add-Ons

Subtotal: $0

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Plan

  • I am working with SBA on post-flood home replacement. Any building needs to conform to NEHRP (Earthquake Hazards). We are in zip 37033. Does this plan conform to those recommendations? Is there a cost factor (general/estimate) that can be added to the base cost estimate for this plan so that NEHRP is accommodated? If it meets NEHRP, is it possible to get certification of such from the original architect or do we have to go broke having the plans re-engineered befroe we can get a reasonable estimate of cost to build? Thanks, Kevin Combee

    These standards apply primarily to existing structures. However, you would need to hire a state licensed engineer to provide you with a lateral design for this house. This is not an expensive venture. Seismic design, typically, have very little impact on construction cost as it deals more with construction methods such as nailing patterns, shear wall locations, etc. Our Cost-to-Build report will give you a good idea of the cost in your zip code area which would include local conditions.

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