Southern Colonial House Plans is the place to visit for your Southern Colonial house plans. Southern Colonial home plans come in a few different Early American versions. The basic Southern Colonial maintains symmetry with a large columned entry and is usually brick with carved wood on the porch. Other defining features are:

  • 2 or 3 stories
  • Prominent pediment over front door
  • Flattened columns on each side of the door
  • Paired chimneys
  • Five small paned windows across front
  • Medium pitched roof
  • Dental molding along the eaves
The French Colonial is another Southern Colonial house plan style. They were designed for hot, wet climates and include many of the following features:
  • Located in Louisiana or Mississippi
  • Thin wooden columns
  • Wide porches
  • Living quarters raised above ground level
  • Wide hipped roof extending over the porches
  • French doors
The Charleston style house is included in the collection of Southern Colonial house plans. Charleston house plans are associated with the Charleston, South Carolina region and were first designed for the hot, humid southern climate. Because of the narrow footprint and the need to fit the most dwellings possible in a subdivision, there is an increased demand for the Charleston style Southern Colonial house plan. Identifying features are:
  • One room wide with narrow end facing street
  • 2-story verandas or 'piazzas' stretch down the side and or front
  • Narrow footprint to allow needed cross ventilation in the days before air conditioning
  • Side entrances
  • Shuttered windows
And finally, our Southern Colonial house plans collection includes the plantation style house plan. Plantation home plans have large front porches with a series of round or square columns. They typically have one to two stories and are often adorned with dormers. A distinctive feature is often shuttered windows and a medium or shallow pitched roof.

Whatever your Southern Colonial dream house plan is, is sure to have it or something close that can be modified to suit your preferences. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff includes not only a licensed architect, but builders who have built homes. And, your Southern Colonial house plans can be delivered to your door in days rather than months at a fraction of what it would cost to have a custom plan designed from scratch.

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