European House Plans

One of the defining characteristics of European House Plans is the subtle reminder or hint it gives one of the Old Country. It might be the hint of grandeur or the quaintness of closely grouped ornately shuttered windows. European house plans can encompass the magnificent castle-like manor to the Hansel and Gretel cottage. Common features of Grand European house plans are:

  • Copper awnings
  • Complicated roof lines
  • Stone exteriors or trim
  • Use of quoins on corners
  • Curved lines
  • Shutters
  • Grand rooms
  • Formal spaces
Monster House Plans has a formidable selection of European House Plans. Our collection includes English and French Country Designs as well as southern designs of the Mediterranean, Italian and Tuscan regions. European house plans conjure up different mental pictures for everyone. One person might envision the English European house plan of a Jane Austen novel or the romantic Tuscan villa house plan that Diane Lane purchases in the heartwarming Under the Tuscan Sun.

The Southern European house plans would encompass the Italian, Tuscan and Mediterranean house plan styles. Because these regions are typically warm, they are designed with outdoor living spaces as well as inside courtyards. Large windows and doors are common features along with low-pitched tile roofs and stucco exteriors. Arches or arched windows and entryways are common in European House plans with southern influence. Casual elegance also comes to mind when envisioning a European house plan situated in the Mediterranean.

The Grander European House Plans are distinguished by their more elegant features such as grand entrances and stairways, large formal dining rooms, libraries and music rooms. It would be natural to include live-in servant's quarters as well. The less pretentious European house plan might scale down the sizes of certain rooms, i.e., dining rooms, and eliminate the music room or library.

Monster House Plans gives you the opportunity to search its Monster Search by keyword features, many of which are the hallmark of European House Plans. Monster House Plans also offers you the confidence of being able to talk to a licensed architect about your house plan questions. And, purchasing a pre-drawn European house plan gets your home plans in your hands in days rather than the months it would take if you were to hire an architect to design from scratch.

Monster House Plans also offers a helpful Price to Build Report that is tailored to the zip code where you plan to build. Now is the time to call the friendly staff to help you select your perfect European House Plan.