Florida House Plans

Looking for Florida house plans can take you in two directions: a historical style with heavy Mediterranean influences, or a modern design trend with sturdy construction materials. Both are quite common in Florida and the surrounding areas, and MonsterHousePlans.com offers many selections of Florida house plans for both categories.

Historically, Florida house plans are modeled after Mediterranean homes. Features like stucco exteriors, red tile roofs, and ample outdoor living spaces continue to be popular in Florida and the surrounding areas and have become a characteristic part of the region.

Modern Florida house plans are heavily influenced by improved construction materials and are specifically designed to withstand the dynamic weather and high heat of the region. They often possess the stucco exteriors of the historical designs, in part for the low maintenance and strength of the material. Also reminiscent of the historical trends are the loggias, lanais, covered patios, and courtyards to offer shade and comfort during the heat of the day. Perhaps the most significant modern development to the Florida house plan is the use of concrete walls. They provide three main benefits:

Security: In terms of protection from both fire and hurricanes, concrete walls offer significant security; enough so that it is often reflected in your home owner’s insurance. Concrete is also resistant to insects and fungus that wood frame homes cannot withstand.

Flexibility: Exteriors can be shaped into curves, angles, and arches with concrete, allowing you to incorporate the specific design elements you want in your dream home.

Efficiency: Concrete has incredible insulating ability, especially when using the popular ICF (insulated concrete forms) that many builders prefer to use. This lowers both heating and cooling bills, and enables quieter temperature control systems.

A Florida house plan can take on many shapes, but this style is connected by its classic design and efficient construction. Whether you choose a historical Mediterranean look or a modern luxury home, Florida house plans continue to improve and are on the rise in popularity once again.