Florida House Plans

A Florida luxury house plan is not really a style. Rather, due to more current building techniques that protect a structure from hurricane and high wind damage, we have features that constitute current day Florida house plans. Not to be confused with Florida Cracker house plans (more later on this), typical features of Florida house plans would be:

  • Having a Southern Mediterranean style
  • Usually designed with concrete block exterior walls on the main floor
  • Incorporating outdoor living areas such as loggias, lanais or patios
  • Outdoor kitchenettes
Benefits of Florida house plans built with concrete walls are:
  • Security: Insurance companies appreciate the benefits of concrete walls for both fire and hurricane safety.
  • Flexibility: Using concrete block exterior walls does not limit you to a rectangular house plan; curves, angles and arches are no problem. Florida house plans built with block can be almost any shape or style, from a Victorian cottage to a Southern Plantation.
  • Efficient: In addition to being strong, the Florida home plans have incredible insulating values if using the increasingly popular ICF (insulated concrete forms) and offer lower heating and cooling bills. They are quieter and offer protection from termites and fungus that wood frame homes cannot and require little or no maintenance.
Under the Florida style house plan umbrella is the Florida Cracker house plan. These house plans can be of many different style types, but can usually be identified by rather steep roof pitches, and metal roofing materials.

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