Home Plan Styles

House designs have changed quite a lot over the centuries, even the millennia. Not only have the designs changed to create better functionality for those who dwell in the living space, but they've also changed in visual styling. Intimate spaces have given way to open concepts, and grandiose house plans have been passed up for tiny homes. Architectural style is an ongoing development, but future designs will always reference the styles of the past.

The popular searches on MonsterHousePlans.com give some insight into the style choices of people looking to build a new home. One-story houses often show up in the search results and are unique in their design, ranging in size from smaller cottages to larger Spanish villas. You can see several design choices in these homes, each one borrowing from another architectural style.

For example, the popular Craftsman home plans have the same wide porches as the southern country floor plans. Did these two styles develop simultaneously, or did one borrow the design from the other? It's tough to say, but you can see how some signature features find their way into other architectural designs.

How Home Plans Have Changed

Designers are always looking for ways to improve a home's functionality and flow while also preserving its historical charm and features. Therefore, you'll still find plans that seem unchanged from their original form, such as the Cape Cod, but will also have custom changes to align with the buyer's overall needs regarding design and functionality. These changes usually show up on the interior while custom changes on the exterior involve removing or adding dormers, lengthening or shortening the porches and so on. It's in the interior where most of the changes occur, taking a simple traditional house plan and rearranging the layout to accommodate the family.

One of the biggest changes to houses over the centuries is the implementation of the open floor plan. The main feature of this design is the great room. It brings the living and dining rooms together into one area, putting it in view of the kitchen. This design makes even the smallest interior space look open and airy and keeps everyone together without walls getting in the way.

In the past, and even in some house designs today, the kitchen and dining room are separated from the living area. Even architectural styles like the bungalow now feature an open-concept living space. These open interiors transform ranch, colonial and other traditional homes into something more modern while still retaining their exterior charm.

New Designs From MonsterHousePlans.com

MonsterHousePlans.com has new designs coming in daily to accommodate the needs of everyone's personal style. Our house plans range from old favorites like the A-frame home to the modern farmhouse. Whether you're wanting something rustic but with a modern flair or looking for new floor plans that offer something unique and exciting, you'll find the exact plan that combines style and functionality in one in our ever-growing collection.