Beach Home Designs & Floor Plans

Oceanside or lakefront property – it all starts with the perfect lot and the right beach house plan. Sometimes referred to as coastal or waterfront homes, a beach home sits on or within close proximity to a beach, such as the sandy shores of Florida or the varying coastline of the Great Lakes. It's often used It's often used as a vacation home but also serves as a primary residence for families through several generations.

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beach house style Beach houses range in style from modern to traditional and have customized floor plans depending on the homeowner's needs. However, most beach homes have a few things in common no matter if they're built overlooking a lake or the ocean. For example, many beach homes include:

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  • Raised living areas
  • Wraparound porches
  • Second-level verandas
  • Sun decks
  • Oversized windows

Beach home plans include these features for several reasons. For one, large windows and sun decks take advantage of the sunlight and open the home to the sights and sounds of the coast. Secondly, raised living areas and foundations serve useful purposes such as accommodating water levels and providing additional space in which to park vehicles beneath the home. These features and others can be omitted from or added to an existing house plan depending on the build location and other factors.

Designing a Beach House

Contractors can take most any floor plan and transform it from a 2D image on paper to an actual home for a family. However, it's important to consider the type of beach home, the location and the local weather to avoid making a mistake in the design and your decision.

Types of Beach Home Plans

The location plays an important role in the design of a beach house. If the house sits next to the water's edge, it will have a different foundation than a home that's built more inland. Some types of beach floor plans include:
  • Raised living areas
  • Wraparound porches
  • Second-level verandas

Builders raise a beach house as much as 15 feet or more above land level when constructing it on slopes or over the water. These types of beach homes are referred to as stilt houses but are also called platform, elevated or piling houses. They're built on stilts or beams to protect against rising flood water .and coastal vermin. These homes also have flat roofs to protect against strong winds, and their raised elevation allows the waves to pass easily beneath the home without affecting the structure.

A traditional beach house looks similar to other houses in the U.S. However, its foundation is set higher off the ground due to building codes and flooding risks.It may have gable-end roofs, symmetrically spaced windows and classic materials such as painted wood.Beach Style A luxury beach house stands out against the sky thanks to its overall size. It can have six or more bedrooms, multiple baths and a mansion-style pool and garden; it also has multicar garages beneath elevated living rooms.

Numerous Sizes

Beach floor plans vary in size from 400-square-foot pier houses to 6,000-square-foot luxury homes. Not every house plan is set in stone. It's possible to talk with a builder and to suggest changes in the predefined layout, such as adding a bathroom or joining the kitchen with the living area. Whether it's a tiny home or a luxury beach house, you can start with an existing floor plan and tailor it to your needs.

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