Log Cabin House Plans

Log cabin homes date back to the early Colonial settlers in the United States. These rugged homesteaders logged dense forests and built their homes with little more than an ax. These were merely functional structures, designed for protection from the elements and for the family’s safekeeping. These one room homes were small, often no more than 10 feet wide. Construction was simple yet elegant: logs were squared off and notched at each end, then fit tightly together like puzzle pieces and placed in tall stacks. Gaps in the logs were stuffed with wood chips and sealed off with mud for an air-tight wall. A stone fireplace—and a sleeping loft build above—kept the family warm in the cold winter months.

Contemporary log cabin homes have been much improved upon, both in construction and in design, and these house plans are still heavily in demand for wooded vacation homes or as primary homes with a rugged elegance. Design options are infinite and plans range from large to small. Wrap-around porches, second floor bonus rooms, skylights, and additional fireplaces are all features common to custom log cabin homes. They offer a sturdy outward façade that opens into a light, bright, efficient home equally suited for part-time or full-time family living. Contemporary log cabin homes often come in kits, with logs treated in a dry kiln and pre-grooved for electrical wiring. These features make log cabin homes perhaps some of the easiest and most cost-effective house plans to build with! By saving architectural fees with an already existing plan you can customize and the simple financing for a cabin kit, log cabin homes are some of the easiest, most affordable dream home options available.

We offer over 2,000 log cabin home plans and add new house plans every day. They range from modest mountain cabins to luxurious contemporary homes with a rustic American flair. Search our large collection of lag cabin home plans and get started building that dream home today!