What You Should Look For In A New Floor Plan

Priorities are shifting, and so are design sensibilities.

In a new floor plan, you’re likely to see key trends that reflect the change in a family’s expectations and priorities. For one, there’s a greater emphasis than ever on sustainability and energy efficiency.

New floor plans are also more likely to prioritize airy spaces and open concept design even if the square footage is smaller.

Besides these trends, which are fast becoming the blueprint of the new homeowner, here are six of the most popular features of a new floor plan:

1) Open-Concept Living & Kitchen Areas

Mudrooms? Cellars? Sunrooms? These are quickly becoming obsolete, in favor of larger living spaces. Dining rooms are no longer separated from living rooms by a door, and the era of the walled-off home floor plan has passed.

Instead, homeowners like you want smart floor plans that mimic the feel of spacious, open areas.

So you want to look for “open concept” floor plans that bring together the former dining and living rooms. Now, it’s one large open space, flanked by columns. It’s the furniture and decor’s job to provide flow and division to a room, rather than walls.

2) Flexibility And Modifications

The great thing about finding new floor plans online is the ability to start with a particular style or a favorite floor plan then make your modifications.

Flexibility and modifications are the very heart of today’s home design process. Again, it’s about tailoring the floor plan to one’s own needs while still maintaining control over the result.

It’s also about doing this in a cost-efficient way — which is why new floor plans give you a creative base from which to start on your journey to a dream home.

3) Scalability

Don’t build something now without the promise of the future.

A new floor plan is unique in many ways, but one of the best perks of being able to modify a floor plan is the ability to plan for growth and scale. If you know that you’ll want to start and raise a family in your dream home, you should be looking at a new floor plan that allows you to scale up.

You could also be designing your home with the knowledge that your kids will need to leave, or your aging parents will need to move in. In these cases, you can opt for floor plans that feature “bonus” floors and rooms. These areas can be used as guest rooms until you need them, or can be converted into another functional space if and when its occupants leave.

Custom new floor plans essentially grow and shrink as you do.

Homes and homeownership used to be a pillar of prestige. The greater the square footage, the more valuable the property.

But the growth of trends like the tiny house movement, coupled with modern-day minimalism, means that homeowners are placing more stock in how it works — not just how big it is.

Smart, modular design, and custom-picked living spaces allow homeowners to prioritize the orientation of a new floor plan rather than the square footage. You need to be able to see yourself living your best life, day-to-day, with your family and friends.

That’s why the overall design of the new floor plan matters.

5) Foundation Options

Picking a new floor plan that can be customized also allows you to add on features like a crawlspace, or opt for modifications to the traditional structure. You’ll need to make sure your lot’s status allows for these modifications and add-ons, but new floor plans give you the flexibility to at least consider them.

6) 3D Design Viewing and Modeling

One of the most powerful tools that Monster House Plans offers you is the ability to have a more detailed look into the details of your home. Through intelligent 3D home design, you can visualize your home in a truly experiential way.

This is exactly what homeowners look for and expect when it comes to home tours.

With the power of Intelligent 3D home design, you can view the interior of a design from a whole new perspective. You essentially get a 360-degree tour of your future home before you build. While it will never be a perfect representation of the finished product, it’s the perfect way to find out if you want the plan you’re considering.

Five Most Popular Styles of New Floor Plans

New floor plans come with features that are designed to give you flexibility, scalability, and choice. And while there are plenty of varying styles on Monster House Plans, here are five of the most popular styles of floor plans:

  • The Modern Look: The modern look is all about maintaining an uninterrupted flow from room to room.
  • The Small Home Floor Plan: Small home floor plans are affordable and make them perfect starter homes or homes for a young family
  • The L-Shape Lot: L-framed houses bring together traditional and modern floor plan features on wider lots.
  • The Craftsman Finish: Craftsman style houses are true to name — They often feature a stone-face facade and beautiful sloping roofs in a very traditional, turn-of-the-century design
  • The Trendy A-Frame: Triangular roofs with steep sides allow the chic A-frame style home to shine for those who want light, space, and sustainability

These designs feature the best of what today’s trends have to offer. They each have unique strengths, and you can always opt for a more non-traditional look while making your interiors more traditional.

Find Your Dream Home

The new floor plans featured on Monster House Plans are flexible, unique, and designed for the discerning homeowner.

Using our powerful search options and Intelligent 3D modeling features, you can pick the home floor plan that captures your attention then modify it to match your final vision.

The best part is that you’re never alone: You can always consult with our highly-qualified team of industry experts and architects. This is home ownership from the ground up, designed by you.