Southwestern Home Plans

For purposes of simplicity, Monster House Plans lumps together many southwestern house plan styles. Southwestern home plans are a distinct type of home, generally finished in stucco or adobe. The following house plan styles all fall under the umbrella of Southwestern house plans:

  • Adobe
  • Santa Fe
  • Pueblo
  • Hacienda
  • Spanish
  • Mission
The Adobe, Santa Fe and Pueblo house plans are all closely related Southwestern house plans in that they borrowed from the earthen Early-Native American Pueblo homes. They have flat roofs with no overhangs and massive, rounded walls covered in a smooth adobe-like finish. Adobe walls are no longer considered structurally safe, but demand for 'the look' has prompted the creation of many new products to simulate the rustic look of the Adobe House while satisfying the structural demands of today's building codes.

When creating an adobe style house plan, current day southwestern architecture will generally design with concrete block walls that can have an adobe or similar finish applied on top. Heavy timbers, called vigas, protrude through walls and serve as load-bearing beam supports. The Kiva, or Bee Hive fireplace with their distinctive arched firebox door, is typical of southwestern house plan design and most often placed in a corner. Simplicity and natural light is foremost with these Southwestern cousins. Natural materials including wood, flagstone, brick, river rock, clay and adobe assist in giving the southwestern country house plan the illusion that they are rooted in the earth. Colors pull from the natural pigments found in the earth so that the Southwestern home blends with the surrounding environment. Floors are most often a tile or paver, but can be natural wood as well.

The Spanish, Mission and Hacienda types of house plans are more closely related in that they will have low-pitched red tile roofs, arches, courtyards, and broad porch overhangs. Heavy wooden doors and wrought iron railings and hardware typically adorn this grouping of Southwestern house plans.

The Mission style Southwestern house plan might have a strong resemblance to the famous missions founded by Padre Serra and built by the native American Chumash Indians up and down El Camino Real (now the 101 or Ventura freeway) along California's coast. Rounded parapets are often used as decorative features on this type of Southwestern house plans and bell towers or ornamental towers are not uncommon features.

The Spanish, Mission and Hacienda house plans are usually white or pastels and often-times have round or clover-leaf shaped windows or openings. Colorful and elaborate tile work is also a signature trademark of the Southwestern house plan.

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