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A-Frame House Plans

A-frame houses get their name from their obvious shape. Each home has a distinctive triangular roof with steep sides, making the homes resemble an A-shape from the front and the back. This house style became popular in the 1950s and remained a solid choice for builders and home buyers until the 1970s. However, this classic home design is becoming relevant once again.

A-Frame House Designs

An A-frame home has numerous windows to let in the light and to provide abundant ambient warmth from the sun. It's an ideal home for scenic landscapes, such as a mountainous area in the Northwest. It's popular in snowy areas especially because of its steep roof.

These homes are cozy on the inside and vary from one story to one-and-a-half stories, keeping the main living and dining areas on the first floor and perhaps a loft for a bedroom or two upstairs. Though many A-Shape floor plans feature an open concept, some will also keep the kitchen and living areas separated by a wall – though it's not very common.

A frame home exterior view
Exterior Details

A-frame homes have very steep roofs, but they're purposeful in design. In most designs, the roof nearly touches the landscape, creating a significant slope from the ground to the sky and back down again. These steep roofs are beneficial in areas where it snows frequently as they allow for the snow to fall off more quickly, reducing any damage that heavy snow buildup could cause. Some of the more common exterior features include:

  • Dramatic and modest decks for enjoying the views
  • Oversized windows for allowing natural light to fill the home
  • Gabled roofs with ground-level extensions
  • Garage additions
  • Wood siding
  • Interior Details
A Shape Home Design Interior Floor Plan
Inerior Details

The sloping roofs of A-frame houses may seem like they reduce the interior space. However, different home plans have different floor layouts. You can customize the plans to your heart's content and get that open-concept floor plan that you've always wanted. Likewise, you can go with a traditional layout and have separate rooms that are similar to those found in cottage homes. Some common interior features of these A-Shape house plans include:

  • Exposed beams
  • Combined living and dining spaces
  • Very few vertical walls

Who's the Right Fit for A-Frame Homes?

Those who prefer open-concept living areas will enjoy spending time in an A-frame home. The floor plan doesn't disconnect the family on the first floor, giving everyone an open space in which to communicate and to spend time together. The bedrooms are often located on the upper level in a loft-type space but can also be downstairs depending on the floor plan.

Advantages of A-Frame House Plans

  • Open living and dining spaces
  • Numerous windows
  • Sloping roofs for snowy climates
  • Minimal exterior maintenance required
  • Cozy interior space
  • Durable construction

Disadvantages of A-Frame Home Plans

  • Not many vertical walls for pictures
  • Limited living space

Find Popular A-Frame Floor Plans and Designs

A-Shape house plans aren't for everyone. Though they have a wonderfully open-concept living space, the space isn't as large as something that you'd find in a traditional home, such as a Cape Cod or even a bungalow. However, these homes are highly durable and hold up well to snow and heavy winds, making them the ideal choice if you live in an area with extreme weather.

MonsterHousePlans.com has numerous A-frame home floor plans for you to choose from, all with varying details to set them apart from other plans in our inventory. Whether you're looking for something with an open concept or with a cozy interior space for a smaller family, you can get the best of both worlds with an A-Shape home. For other popular shape designs check out U Shape House Plans and L Shape Floor Plans.