Craftsman House Plans

Some house styles haven't changed in hundreds of years, such as the Craftsman. This house style has been a popular favorite among builders and homebuyers since the Industrial Revolution.

Craftsman Floor Plans and Designs

Craftsman floor plans focus on functionality and aesthetics, combining both to provide adequate space for family life and beautiful craftsmanship inside and out. They're known for their open living spaces, double-hung windows and exposed rafters as part of the visual styling. These homes also mix natural materials to create stunning exterior facades, such as stone and handcrafted wood.

Exterior Features

Craftsman House Plan Exterior

Most Craftsman home plans are designed with one story in mind. However, they're built to have high ceilings with large windows above to let in the sunlight. In some styles, it's common to see at least one dormer that's situated near the living area. Some of the more common exterior features include:

  • Deep eaves
  • Hip roofs
  • Steep gables
  • Long porches
  • Wood, shingle and stone facades
  • Large wooden columns

Interior Features

Craftsman House Plan Interior

The Craftsman interior is made to suit the modern family. The plans come with two, three and four bedrooms and as many as two full baths and an included half bath. Though one-story Craftsman houses are the most popular, it's possible to opt for a two-story home with two garages and nearly 3,000 square feet of space. Interior features include:

  • Numerous double-hung windows
  • Fireplaces
  • Cozy, connected spaces
  • Open concept kitchens
  • Breakfast nooks

Are Craftsman House Plans Right for You?

If you're a multi-person family or planning to have children, a Craftsman house plan is a good choice for a first home or something to live in for generations. They're designed with families in mind with their cozy, connected spaces and breakfast nooks for gathering together during a meal. They have abundant windows, clean lines and natural materials to combine modern and traditional aesthetics.

If you are a smaller family however, the similar, smaller Bungalow-style house plans may be a better choice.

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Monster House Plans has thousands of Craftsman-style plans and more in our ever-expanding database. They're geared towards families with children who require a lot of interior space but without making everyone feel disconnected. Each Craftsman house plan features the same decorative wooden aesthetics and attention to detail both inside and outside, making it one of the most classic homes in American history.

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