New England Colonial House Plans

The most popular architectural style in the United States from its development in the early 18th century up to and including the present is the New England Colonial house plans, because it developed during the Colonial period of our history.

The first colonists built primarily one room deep, two story houses with a central chimney although single story hall-parlor houses were built as well. By the early 1700s, they have begun adding to the rear to give more interior space. The result was the one and a half room deep Saltbox house plan. By the late 1700s a center hall plan with paired chimneys had come to predominate.

New England Colonial house plans are symmetrical with two windows on either side of a central doorway. Five windows are positioned across the second floor. The predominate floor plan is a central hall with stairs, the living room, two rooms deep from front to back, with the dining room on the opposite side of the hall and the kitchen behind it. Bedrooms and baths are upstairs. The houses often have porches and garages attached with perhaps a one or two story "L" in the back for a family room. Following are common features of New England Colonial House Plans:

  • Steep roof with side gables
  • Lean-to addition with saltbox roof
  • Narrow eaves
  • Large chimney at the center
  • Two stories
  • Wood framed with lap siding or shingles
  • Small casement windows
  • Little exterior ornamentation
  • Second story overhangs
As the population from New England spread across what is now New York State into Northern Pennsylvania, Ohio, and into Illinois, they brought this style of the New England Colonial house plans with them.

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