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It is a little-known fact that the air inside your house is dirtier than the air outside it. No matter what you do – how many windows you open or whatever – this will always be the case. This is true simply because of the amount of hiding places that your house has for dust and other particles, while at the same time having a limited amount of escape routes for the particles.
To go some way towards alleviating this problem, you might want to consider getting an air purifier. This will be especially useful to you if you have allergies or asthma that can be aggravated by dust or other particles such as pollen, as an air purifier can remove most of them from the air for you. If you smoke, you should definitely consider an air purifier, as otherwise all the pollutants in the smoke will build up in your house’s air over time, making it very unpleasant to breathe your indoor air.
Air purifiers come in all sorts of different types, each working in different ways. The most popular filter is a kind of fibre mat that goes inside a frame or housing, and can quickly remove 99.97% of pollutants from the air – this is known as a high efficiency particulate absorbing filter. However, these highly effective air purifiers can be expensive, especially as they need to be replaced quite often at a high cost each time.
If you just want your air to be cleaner, but not necessarily completely purified, you might consider a cheaper filter, or an air cleaner or air filter, all of which are terms used to describe cheap air purifiers. These devices may only remove 99% of particles from the air, but for most users, that will be enough. It is worth giving a cheaper filter a try first before you go all-out and buy the most expensive one, as you might be buying far more than you really need.


Use of solar energy is becoming more and more popular every day. The price of electricity is rising and the best alternative that we have today is using solar energy. We all know that global warming is on an everyday rise today. The main reason for this being burning of fossil fuels like coal, which in turn is being used to produce electricity, so if we want our future to be safe, this is the time we step forward and start using solar technology.


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The process of building a house requires a lot of careful planning and thought, especially while deciding on the floor plans. The process of finalizing a floor plan can be challenging, but it can be made easier if you follow the steps given below:

Specify your budget

This is probably the most important factor of deciding your home plans. You need to set a specific amount as your budget and ensure that you do not exceed it at any cost. By setting a budget, you would have a better idea of what you can and cannot add to your home floor plans.

Consider your lifestyle and family requirements

When you are working on the floor plans for your home, you need to ask yourself what you liked and disliked in your previous house. You should consider your lifestyle in your previous home and try to add some aspects from that in your new home. Moreover, your lifestyle may change drastically if you have just married or got a promotion or a new job. In simple terms, your house plans have to suit your lifestyle requirements. If you live with your family, then it is not just your lifestyle that matters. Ask your family members what they want from the house and include their inputs in your home plans.

Think about the location of your house

The final important factor you need to think about is the location of your house. The shape and size of the house, the arrangement of the rooms and everything else depends on the location of your home. The direction of each room in the floor plans also needs to be determined. Even if you do not believe in the astrological implications, you need to consider the effect of the prevalent climate and noise. For example, your bedroom would have to be fitted with an overhang if the climate is always sunny, and it would also have to be placed away from the noise so that there is no disturbance while sleeping.

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