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Bachelor, bachelorette or even a small family, small house plans can be extremely effective for anyone starting a life and looking for their first home. It is for good reason that North Americans think that all Japanese people live in cramped dwellings: many of them do. But they make a smaller dwelling work no matter how many people live there. The Swedish company Ikea develops entire interiors based on the intelligent use of space. Using the concepts that those two cultures developed, a North American home could have a highly efficient use of space while retaining comfort.

Small-House-PlansCabinets with sliding doors or doors that do not open outwards are one hallmark of both cultures that provide an effective use of space. Notice how the Japanese use sliding rice paper doors. While rice paper may not be everyone’s choice of door material, the concept is very useful: doors remain in the wall and do not open out or in, allowing for the space usually reserved for the door’s path to be used. For small house plans, it is hugely important to use every square foot available in the home.

Many appliances are made for the reason of saving space in small house plans, and ones plans should take into consideration the size of those appliances before planning. While the trade-off for smaller, space-saving appliances may be smaller loads, if with washers, dryers and dishwashers, it also means that there is less energy and water used in each load and a faster cleaning time. One will only have to do more loads, but laundry is fairly easy!

A small and permanent home for a small family, single person or couple can be a great investment for saving on heating bills. The smaller the space, the smaller amount of heat needed to warm it. A wood-burning fireplace could heat a small space cheaper than natural gas, and with the right construction of the fireplace and vents, it’s possible to not need much wood during winter seasons or colder days. Small house plans mean a smaller impact on the environment, both physically where construction materials are concerned and emotionally with overcrowding in urban and suburban areas. The amount of electricity, gas and sewage used and produced is lesser, again meaning a smaller impact on the environment. Combined with a wise architect and good interior designer skilled with space saving efficiency, ones homes could be both small and comfortable. See us today about your small house plans needs.

Do you often feel you should have a wonderful place as your home, a place which exclusivelycustomized house plans belongs to you and reflects your style, preferences and persona? Do you think a home is not only an asset which you can buy and sell as necessary but a personal space which you’re eager to return after a long, exhausting day at work? No matter how many restaurants, clubs and malls emerge in the city, the feeling of ‘being home’ can be achieved nowhere else but your house and designing it with your very own house floor plans can help you make it a true sanctuary.

Monster House Floor Plans is here to transform your everyday into a tangible slice of heaven that is sure to leave lasting memories. We offer you more 230,000 floor plans to fit your style, budget and needs perfectly. Finding your dream house could be just a few clicks away! You may ask, “Why should I choose Monster House Floor Plans over others?”

Firstly, we offer you an amazing variety of house floor plans to browse through. Now you do not need to browse through dozens of websites and hundreds of floor plans to find the right match. We have every type and styles of home you can imagine, all in one convenient place. We save your time and resources with a user-friendly database that will assist you to filter your search through only features you care about. Thousands of floor plans can be scary but you don’t need to review them all, just the ones that fit your criteria.

Our site offers you the ability to save your favorite house floor plans to a list that you can review at any time. This will make is easy to review your options with your spouse or you builder. Even if you do not have a good idea of what style or the design elements you want for your would-be house, our company can help first-timer home builders narrow down their options or even just navigate the site more effectively. If you’re not sure about what design features you need, our ‘quick search feature’ will help you by introducing a wide range of floor house plans which you can then choose and customize according to your requirements.

At Monster Floor Plans, the house floor plans have been conceived and designed by the best architectural experts that North America has to offer. We believe in customer satisfaction and service which means we make sure our customers get their floor plans within days, not weeks. Placing your order with us means you saw plans within your budget that meets your criteria. You won’t have to wonder “What if?” because we guarantee that if it’s not in our database then it isn’t worth seeing!

There are many house floor plan designers on the market today but if you want to utilize the largest selection with the best customer service available, you are going to want to talk to us. Check us out online to begin your floor plan search today and see what you’ve been missing.

Remember the days when we used to use floppy disks to store data, accessed the internet through a dial-up connection, and rented movies from an actual video store? If the memory of these scenarios seems hazy, that’s because those days are far behind us. Now we have compact USB sticks/hard drives to store data, we have broadband and high DSL internet connections, and we rent our movies online or through our cable provider. There are many examples to choose from of technologies and processes that have evolved significantly, and have had a huge impact on our daily lives, but one important example is also connected to improving our home life. This is the ability to view high-tech house plans when we are looking to construct a new house.

evolving-technology-house-plansJust a few years ago, our best option in this situation was to look at a typical 2D computer generated stock plan. Sure, this gave us an idea of what the floor plan of our future home could look like, but it didn’t bring the design to life. Now, through companies like Monster House Plans, new intelligent 3D house plans are being used to show customers how truly liveable their new home will be. For the first time, you can actually envision what walking through your brand new house will be like!

Much like the difference between a smart phone and a basic cell phone, these new 3D house plans open up a brand new world of accessibility to potential homebuyers. Imagine owning a smart phone, and then having to go back to a regular cell phone where you can no longer browse the internet and connect to social networks? You would feel like you were left behind in the dark ages. Similarly, the difference between a 2D and 3D house plan can have a huge impact on how you feel about your potential new home and whether it will reflect your unique personality.

How else can you get the full picture of the designer’s vision and style, and judge whether your vision matches? With these types of house plans, you can see multiple different perspectives and vantage points of both the interior and exterior of the building that you hope to make your home sweet home! With a combination of 3D perspective, and specific construction detail that doesn’t even require additional software, these plans offer an in-depth look at the potential constructability of your desired new home.

Three dimensional house plans also allow you to preview and alter material finish selections throughout the entire modeling process. You can be sure you are receiving the highest standard when it comes to the construction of your home, and that you will receive accurate material reports. You will have the ability to make quick additions to the custom design and fix specifications to fit your unique personal style!

Who wouldn’t want an in-depth, aerial view of the building that has the potential to be their home for decades to come? If you are a young home buyer who is used to using technology that can give you access to everything you need to know, it might be a good idea to check out our 3D house plans. You never know when a model or design will capture your heart!

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When you think of a scene from a storybook, what do you think of? For many people, it seems that the image of a cottage or cabin nestled in the woods somewhere is what first pops into their mind. Often, this is a log cabin, rustic and beautiful with a charming atmosphere that both comforts a person and fills them with awe and mystery.  This is a beautiful picture and one that can fill you with nostalgia about your childhood, a time when you were so transfixed and enchanted by stories like Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel that you wished you could be in them. Once you are an adult, it is hard to get that feeling back. But what if your home in real life was modeled after one of those log cabins? What if you could have the ideal blend of the novelty of a traditional cabin with the convenience of modern features inside? If this idea appeals to you, then it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to look into modern day log floor plans that could make this fantasy become a reality!

modern log home

Whether you live in an urban area of a city or own your own acreage miles away from any city life, the unique escapism you could feel living in a log home could be a priceless addition to your daily life. However, you wouldn’t want it to feel like too rustic of an experience either. You don’t want to feel like you are camping every day. Comfort is a major thing that one should look for in a home. Well, if the look of a traditional log cabin appeals to you, but you don’t want to have to worry about living in something shabby, then you no longer need to worry! With modern Log home Plans, you can design a state of the art living space.

You might wonder how it works. Well, many modern day log home plans come in kits, which are already drawn, and include modern day conveniences. Through the use of these kits, you can create a home that is comfortable, efficient, and reflects your style, while still maintaining the novelty of having a rustic, log cabin-like appearance. Plus, you will save money on architectural fees because the plans are pre-designed anyway! The logs that are used to build the home are usually already grooved to accommodate electrical wiring. They will also protect your home from unruly weather and unwanted insects. You can even get log home plan financing if you so desire, making this a convenient and cost-efficient option for almost anyone!

With log home plans, you are bound to be happy with the house you end up creating. Certainly, you won’t be the bitter and malicious villain of the fairy tale, but instead the prince or princess, happy in your enchanted throne, which can range in size from cabin-size to the size of a mountain lodge. If you want to stick with tradition, but give it a modern edge, then a log home plan from us is the right way to go for you!

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There are many different styles and types of houses on the market, but there is not usually one home that meets all the wants and needs of a person or family. When you have decided it’s time to buy a new home for your family, the choices can also be overwhelming. There are many considerations that need to be made, from the location, schools, landscaping, layouts, and floor plans. The problem is that many pre-built homes have floor plans that you wish you could change, adapt, or shift around.

When investing in a new home, the plan is typically to live there for many years, so you want everything to be just right. Choosing to have your new home built is the best way to get exactly what you need and want out of your purchase, but even choosing the right floor plans can be tough.

The great thing about floor plans that you are looking at is you can often have them customized, so you can make the small changes your family needs. When you are looking through the many different layouts, you should be sure to keep in mind how convenient daily chores will be in the setup, because what you may think you want might not be the most practical once you are moved in.

One thing you really want to consider is closed floor plans versus open plans. If you are someone who loves to entertain family and friends, then open floor plans are going to be your best choice. Open plans sacrifice levels of privacy with no walls between primary common rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, and dining room. When entertaining, the open floor plan prevents people from being separated by walls.

While it may seem obvious to verify that your lot is big enough to accommodate the size of the floor plans, not all people check this beforehand. There are many restrictions or possible building codes that you must know about your property before you begin selecting the home plans. Not knowing what these are can only cause many problems and delays in construction.

floor plans for your home interiorsIt’s also a good idea to think about what is going to matter the most to your family. If you decide in the future to add a hot tub or a swimming pool, will your property accommodate the build? Think about this before picking the floor plans for your build. If your home is really large then you are taking up some of your yard area. Special rooms in the house, such as kid’s play rooms, offices, hobby rooms, and even extras like home theaters and gyms can be added in later if the house is accommodating, so keep that in mind as well. If your family is into fitness and has gym equipment, then you want to consider the possibility for a workout room when choosing floor plans.

You want to be sure that your home is not only built to suit the present day, but also the future. Your kids are probably not going to need a toy room in a few years, and there will be other changes, so thinking about all of these possibilities will really help you to customize your floor plans to meet the needs for you and your family both now and in the future. Whatever your floor plan needs, click here to browse our wide selection ofhouse plans.

When someone chooses to buy a new home it can bring on many emotions, and they are typically mixed. There is the excitement of owning your own home, stress from the process itself, and fear about investing so much money into any one thing. It’s important that you are able to get exactly what you want when you build your own home. That is primarily the reason that you are getting your home built and not moving into one already standing, right? Many people shopping for homes find they look at house after house only to be dissatisfied with everything they see for small reasons. The reasons vary across the board, from not having enough bathrooms, the bedrooms are too close together, or the kitchen is closed off from the dining room. There are several other reasons, it all depends on the seeker. This is when finding house plans that work for your family can be so beneficial.

dream house planNaturally, most people have an idea of how many bedrooms and bathrooms they need in their new home, some may even already have an idea of how they want the home laid out before they begin to look at house plans. Too often people walk through an already existing home, and think that is exactly what they want without looking any farther, and they don’t realize their mistakes until they are moved in. The same can go with house floor plans. Sometimes, people look at the plans, and do not take into consideration all the needs that the family has on a daily basis or the size of the lot, and they wind up paying for a brand new built-up home that is actually not what they wanted at all.

A budget is the most important thing you should figure out before looking at house plans, or considering buying a new home. Such a large investment should not be taken lightly, so the last thing you want to do is buy a home that is too big that and costs too much. This is when you find yourself having to move out of your dream home because you can’t keep up with the payments. It’s a good idea to call a few builders and find out how much it costs to build different style homes per square foot so you have a good grip on reality when it comes to building your home. No matter how much you love a specific floor plan, if you can’t afford it then keep looking. Numerous people buy homes based on what they need today, and in the future they find themselves having to move because they have outgrown their home. If you have children, be sure that the house plans you choose will accommodate them as they get older, while still suiting your needs after they have moved out.

you are wanting an open layout or a closed layouts. It’s important to consider all of your options, and the difference in costs when you begin your search. Multi-level homes can often save you money by giving you much more square footage in the home, but for a lower price. A common mistake people make is forgetting to take their property lot into consideration. The house plans you choose must be suitable for your lot and you want to be sure that you are not breaking regulations or building codes to build your dream home.

Everyone loves the idea of building a new home but sometimes it can be more work than they expected. The end result is well worth it because you are left with a home that is built specifically to your wants and needs. Finding house plans that suit you or having them customized is the best way to end up with your dream home. If you are ready to start your search, check out the vast and customizable house plans selection we have available here at Monster House Plans.

If you are considering building a new home, then you need to know that there can be a lot of questions that come up prior to starting. Whenever you choose to build a home from the ground up, you need to take the extra time to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want and need. There are many decisions have to be made regarding numerous things, including the house floor plans, location, and landscaping. It can seem overwhelming to figure out exactly what you want in your new home, but asking yourself some questions can help you to get started.

First of all, you must know that house floor plans are a breakdown of the rooms and space in the home that you can visually see. They have all the details, including the notes for builders, and they work out all of the kinks for the homebuilders to ensure the home build will be in legal compliance with building codes and regulations.

With so many house floor plans available, sometimes you may ask how you choose which one is right for you? First decide on a budget and the total square footage of the home you can reasonably afford. There are lots of times that people try to just search through a ton of floor plans aimlessly without really giving any thought into all the details, wants, and needs that they have. This can quickly cause frustration for many people.

choose house floor plansOne of the biggest problems people make when looking through house floor plans without first knowing what they are looking for is choosing house sizes that will not work with the land that the home will be built on. Knowing the correct square footage needed is essential, or they can end up with a layout that they love, but once the home is built they are frustrated at the actual rooms and their sizes. It’s never a good idea to just pick a home based on a floor plan, without making a list of the rooms and functions you want in your new home and knowing how much room will actually be needed to accomplish them.

The next big step is to figure out what you can afford. This is going to take some research on your part to get an estimate of all the costs. Make a few phone calls to builders to get an idea of cost per square foot. It’s important that you remember it is a quote, and the total can be altered by materials you choose to change, or alterations you make. You also want to evaluate the difference in price for different style homes. House floor plans that are laid out with multi levels are often less expensive than others, which is beneficial because they have more square footage.

Finally, you must keep in mind that just about all house floor plans can be customized or changed in small ways. Many times you may find the perfect floor plan if only one or two things were changed. It is nice to know that you can accomplish that change usually. The investment in your new home is a long-term commitment, and so it is critical that you pay extra attention to the details so that you can to get it exactly the way you want it. If you are ready to look through house floor plans to see what may work for you and your family, our selection at Monster House Plans is extensive and customizable.

When looking at house plans, there are many options and styles available.

Many people think of log homes as a sort of luxury item, and assume that all log home plans have to be big and elaborate. It is understandable how this mentality could have developed. Log homes are a bit of a rarity now as homeowner’s associations tend to limit anything that is aesthetically different or unique, and log homes might look a little out of place in most urban neighborhoods. However, it is important to remember that log homes weren’t always considered a luxury; in fact, they used to be considered the most basic and rustic type of home available! If you are interested in having a log home built, your log home plans don’t have to be large, sweeping, or dramatic. Your log home can be warm, cozy, and humble and still be beautiful.

As quaint and rustic as a log home can look, the truth is that they can be fairly expensive to build.log house in the woods Nowadays, there are many types of siding and building materials that are cheap to manufacture, such as vinyl siding, making them cheaper than log homes. Because log homes are unique, there aren’t as many builders who have experience handling log home plans. Don’t let this discourage you from designing log home plans, though. Log homes are worth every dollar you spend on them. They are stable, sturdy, and absolutely breathtaking to look at. However, the cost might mean that you should be open to designing a slightly smaller log home. Sure, there are many people with huge, dramatic log homes, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be excessive. You won’t be happy with it if you go outside your budget and are stuck with an overwhelming expense.

The interesting thing about log homes is that in many ways, they are more suited to a smaller size, so don’t worry if your log home plans aren’t massive. Log homes bring to mind warmth and comfort, and a certain rustic charm. Smaller log homes feel cozy and inviting, and pleasant and safe to be in. If you do choose to go with a larger log home, you should decide in advance how you want to decorate it. There will be a natural juxtaposition of styles between a large mansion and a rustic fabrication, so it might be a little tricky to come up with décor that feels natural, sincere, and fitting for the home. All it takes is a little thought and planning ahead of time, and no matter what size your log home is, it will be beautiful and truly feel like home.

When working with log home plans, it’s important to remember not to cave in to how you feel it should look. Log homes, in every shape, size, location, and style, are a unique statement, and you shouldn’t let other people dictate how you go about designing and decorating your own. Make your log home unique comfortable, within your budget, and a happy place for you, your friends, and your family to gather together. That’s all you really need out of a home and you can make it happen – with our help of course!