How to Find Floor Plans for a House

If you’re considering building a home, you’re probably wondering how to find floor plans for a house you’ll love. Do you need to find an architect? Should you start drafting your own blueprints?


There are several ways to find floor plans for a house, but the simplest route is to select a completed house plan. House plans are more than just broad concepts—they are thorough architectural designs, including construction details, 3D modeling, and even cost estimates. It’s all laid out for you and the professionals you’ll be working with.


With a solid house plan in mind, you can begin building the home of your dreams in no time. 

Floor Plans with Monster House Plans

Monster House Plans makes finding a floor plan easier than ever. Owned and operated by a licensed architect with 40+ years of design experience, Monster House Plans contains thousands of gorgeous homes just waiting to be built. 

Extensive Library of Plans

With a huge library of completed plans (over 30,000 to choose from), you can browse to your heart’s content. You’ll find options in nearly 50 design aesthetics, including farmhouse, contemporary, craftsmen, log cabin, Tuscan, Tudor, and even tiny homes.

User-Friendly Search Filters

Monster House Plans makes this process clear and simple, especially if you’re wondering how to find floor plans for a house that checks off every item on your bucket list. You can search by square footage, number of stories, bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages, or narrow things down by specific features you’re looking for (like a grand entry, sun deck, or wine cellar).

Advanced Features and Tools

Along with blueprints, Monster House Plans also offers advanced features to help you really envision your future home.


  • 3D tours


See your plans in 3D to get a better feel for the layout and spacing


  • Virtual walkthroughs


Walk through your house plan in a detailed virtual video


  • Materials Lists


Purchase a complete list of materials needed for each house plan


  • Cost-to-Build Estimates


Get accurate estimates in under 5 minutes, specific to the cost of materials in your zip code

Customization Services

Still can’t find exactly what you want? Monster House Plans also offers flexibility with modifications to existing floor plans. You can consult with an architect directly through MHP and figure out customized solutions that make sense for your specific build.

Expert Advice and Resources

Along with a plethora of professional designs to choose from, you’ll also find plenty of educational resources on Monster House Plans. Whether you’re interested in learning about trends, what defines a design style, or how to build a more affordable home, MHP provides expert advice and information throughout your search. 

Pick Your Perfect Floor Plan with Monster House Plans

Ready to start building your dream home? Whether you’re looking for a 6-bedroom Mediterranean mansion or a 600-square-foot bungalow, there’s truly something for everyone at MHP. 


Contact us with any questions, or simply start browsing Monster House Plans for your dream home today.

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