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Many people today are opting to design their own homes, rather than buying existing houses that are on the market. This can be a fantastic idea and a very rewarding process; however, before you jump into the decision to design your own home, you must decide if it is truly worth it for you to do so. Many people opt to design their own homes, and still end up with the type of vinyl sided, split-level, stainless steel applianced home that you can buy in any new subdivision, often at a lower price than what you would pay to build. If you choose to build a home, think about what you can do to make it worth your while. Designing house plans is a great way to make the designing and building process worth your while, and will leave you with a home that truly stands out from the rest.

Craftsman house plans contain a few key elements characteristic of the craftsman house style. Simple, traditional materials are often used on both the outside as well as the inside. Materials such as wood (often raw, unfinished wood that offers a rustic charm) and stone are found throughout the house. These materials give the home a natural, earthy feel, but also a timeless one that always outlasts home decor trends and fads and really stands the test of time. In fact, that timelessness is what makes craftsman house plans so special, unique, and worthwhile. Craftsman homes have a special feel to them and will always be remembered by those lucky enough to visit you in your home. Craftsman homes are never out of style, but never seem to be super trendy either, so by building one, you are truly bestowing a quality of timelessness on your home.

The interior structure design of craftsman house plans is often simple too. Rooms are large and simple in shape. There is generally no complex split leveling; maybe just one upper loft area for bedrooms or an extra sitting area. Ceilings tend to be high, sweeping, and majestic, giving craftsman homes a distinct feeling of openness and airiness. Many people find this comforting, especially in urban areas where living can feel cramped and disconnected with nature. The openness and natural quality of craftsman homes is a unique and positive experience. It is a great place to escape to without ever having to leave the city!

Craftsman House PlansDespite all the conveniences of living in an urban area, there are some downsides. Having a home that looks just like everybody else’s on the block can be disheartening and might not make you feel like your home is special or even truly your own. Designing craftsman house plans is a great way to make the most of the experience of designing and building your own home, and will result in a timeless, beautiful home that will stand the test of time. A craftsman house is one that truly becomes a home, and will stay that way for many years to come.

We offer a wide selection of house plans; below, we discuss the value of craftsman-style floor plans in a world where material possessions are becoming more important than family.

Craftsman style homes are characterized by warm inviting features such as large porches, big windows and down to earth designs that simplify the look of the home.  Craftsman house plans were born as a response to the decadent Victorian Era which was characterized by all things grand and lavish: highly detailed parlors, intricate window framing, grand moldings, rich tapestries, upholsteries and rugs.  Craftsman house plans represent a desire to step away from the material aspects of that era and embrace the simpler things – such as a picturesque view through a large window or the ability to entertain friends on the porch on warm summer nights. The craftsman style is reminiscent of a farm house with obvious upgrades.  There is typically more detailing on the exterior – either through the use of multiple materials or by the classic wood architectural elements that mirror the homes overall shape.

There is something comfortable and homey about craftsman house plans. It really has a decadence of its own – although it’s a much different decadence than the Victorian definition. Craftsman house plans are rich in the sense of space and ambience created by the architectural design. Although this style of home does not need to be massive to be impressive, there is something about a spacious kitchen, a wood-burning fireplace and warm hardwood flooring that feels like home. Essentially the Craftsman home brings the rural simplistic beauty of country living, into the urban sprawl.

There are also certain elements of craftsman house plans that you can’t do without. Built in bookshelves and breakfast nooks are part of what make these homes not only family friendly but authentic to their original roots. Craftsman style really is a focus on family, it provides all the necessary components to encourage get-togethers and they boast enough space in some craftsman house plans to accommodate a larger than average modern family.

While many people are flocking to new home designs that incorporate all the most modern features, it feels as if society has shifted back into another age of decadence. People want the grandest homes, built from the most spectacular materials where they can display their most treasured pieces of technological advancement. From refrigerators that self-adjust temperature and display the weather to ovens that clean themselves and televisions that span a whole room in three-dimensional drama, there is a distinct feeling that once again, material luxuries have become more important than anything else. Craftsman house plans are where you will find that retreat from opulence. Your home should be a safe haven where you can take comfort in your family and a hearty home cooked meal. If you are looking for that and you want your home to say “family” as opposed to “wealthy” then a craftsman home is where you will find it. Craftsman house plans are gorgeous and although they are no feat of modern architectural design – they will give you a comfortable, tried and tested place to lay your head at the end of the work day where you feel warm and invited – not scared to touch anything or move something out of place. Learn to relax a little with a Craftsman.

We offer a wide selection of house plans here at Monster House Plans.

Craftsman house plans are created using the “Arts and Crafts” lifestyle and philosophy that combines architecture, interior design, landscaping, and applied or decorative arts. This Philosophy became popular at the end of the 19th century and remained very popular until the 1930s. Architects designing craftsman house plans were concerned with unity of the style inside of the home and the appearance of a house’s exterior, especially in relation to its setting or surrounding environment. The Arts and Crafts Movement was concerned with the spiritual connectivity of one’s surroundings whether they are natural or man made. In this way, it made sense that the perfect home for this philosophy would be complimentary to its setting and provide a space to gather inner peace that was far away from the realities of the ugly urban factories where many people worked, and the desolate surroundings of the industrial district.

Today there is a revival of interest and lots of people are seeking craftsman house plans to build their own dream house. The craftsman house plans originated in Britain as a reaction against the ornate aesthetics that typified the Victorian era. When the craftsman style house reached the United States they shared the interests of the simplicity of design and accessibility of materials that were often locally available.

In craftsman house plans there are typical architectural design features such as:

·         Gabled roof

·         Deep and overhanging eaves

·         Decorative brackets under eaves

·         Exposed rafters, and

·         A front porch extension from beneath the main roof

In addition to these elements, many craftsman house plans will also feature hand-crafted elements such as masonry or woodwork, and often there are mixed materials used throughout the entire structure. It is not uncommon to see a house that features stonework on the front of the house that is set off by white painted wood embellishments. The effect is a very pleasing design that conjures up images of a comfortable and ideal home. Craftsman house plans are typically bungalow designs. This means that they are often detached from garages (although the plans can be modified so that the house is attached to the garage), the houses often feature single or one-and-a-half stories, and a veranda.

In modern times the craftsman house plans will also include some design motifs from Frank Lloyd Wright, a very acclaimed architect who was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. A famous craftsman design is the Hyland Hotel in Montecito Utah. It displays many of the features that make houseman craftsman plans so appealing including a mixed wood and stone foundation and ornate pillars that nicely frame the front entryway.

A craftsman house is a very beautiful design and the houses developed in this style are well made, so many examples of the original styles still exist. Designers know a lot about the craftsman house plans today because of the increased popularity that has been expressed in owning this style of house. The look has become classic, and is associated with peaceful family living.

What makes Craftsman house plans different from a log house plans, Victorian house plans, Colonial house plans, etc?  The answer is in the word “craftsmanship”.  Craftsman house plans have an exceptional level of craftsmanship in every single detail.

That is not to say other types of house plans do not pay attention to details.  Nothing could be further than the truth!  With Victorian house plans, for example, a great deal of work is put into small touches that hearken back to the rich and opulent Victorian era.  With ranch house plans, care and effort is put into creating that down-on-the-farm feeling.  But with Craftsman house plans, you can count on a strong, comfortable design in which every detail is lovingly handled by a master tradesman.  Heart, soul, sweat, and tears of joy go into every piece of wood, every nail, and every tiny little detail. Craftsman plans are a labour of pure love.

You can see the family orientated feeling of Craftsman house plans.  Although they can range in size from one bedroom dwellings to spacious mansions, they tend to share some common elements.  Wood shingle siding gives a cosy yet polished feel.  Wide window and door casings add an unexpected aesthetic visual. Large front porches with big tapered columns make the perfect gathering place for family and friends and the dominant low-pitched rooflines keep the family inside secure and protected.  All aspects point to a dwelling that every member of the family longs to come home to.

While the finishes and wood details may hint at the grander of yesteryear, Craftsman house plans are perfect for today’s modern family.  Most have a large, spacious kitchen in the heart of the home for parents and children to gather for a meal or to do homework together in style and comfort.  A cosy breakfast nook is the perfect place to snuggle your sweetheart over a cup of coffee or tea before the kids wake up.  The nook is also the perfect spot for a nice chat about your day after the kids have gone to bed.  (Not to mention this is a very handy place for a healthy family breakfast! So many uses!)  Many Craftsman house plans have built in cabinetry and bookshelves, giving you an easy way to keep treasures, books, antiques, and more organized while on display.

Original Craftsman homes were built using local materials, which made each one unique despite their common elements. If you are looking for a house plan that is unique, that has the charm of days gone by yet is fully function for today’s family on the go, you need Craftsman house plans.

Here at Monster House Plans we have hundreds of Craftsman house plans to choose from.  We also have experienced architects on staff to help you with any questions you may have, volume discounts for builders and accurate price-to-build estimates based on your building location and preferred building materials.  Our plans can be modified to suit your needs and style.

Craftsman house plans are among the most unique plans on the market.  You will not be disappointed with this choice.