Creating a Floor Plan Conducive to Your Lifestyle

When planning the design for custom homes, many considerations must be taken into account to create the appropriate layout for your lifestyle. I am currently in the process of constructing the home that my husband and I have dreamed of for years. After living in a number of different houses and apartments, I had a lot of do’s and do-not’s in mind. I knew that I did not want a bedroom with windows that faced the sunrise or hallways that were not handicap accessible. This house will definitely be the last house we live in. So when we met up with architects to create the perfect floor plan for our lifestyle, I emphasized the importance of wheel chair accessible showers, no steps on the first floor, and a security system like Fort Knox.

Traffic Flow Pattern

Traffic flow patterns should be devised in a way that allows people to move from room to room and inside or outside with ease. Identify quiet zones and place furniture in a layout that diverts traffic from such areas.
Traffic patterns should:

•    Be direct and convenient
•    Avoid paths that cut through rooms
•    Allow ample space for doors to open
•    Provide ample space without waste
•    Give easy access to kitchen

Open Space Concept

A common thing among today’s houses is an open floor plan. Narrow, long, interconnecting hallways are a time of the past. It is extremely important nowadays to utilize large open spaces. I find the idea of open floor plans to be especially attractive because they do not block exterior or interior views, space is not wasted, and entertaining guests is much more manageable. In order to successfully pull off an open space concept, consider maximizing square footage while maintaining a sense of separateness. This can be achieved through using small transition walls that have large entrances between each room.

Security System

Given the fact that this house will hopefully be our last house, we made a point to create a residence with a state-of-the-art home security system. Our architect proposed the idea of building a hidden safe below the staircase. We also had wiring placed around the house for motion sensor devices that can be controlled anywhere on the property using an iPad.

Sunlight and Exterior Views

Lighting is key to enhancing the elegance of any custom home. Setting the footprint of a home in the wrong direction can lead to poor utilization of natural light. Be sure to set the foundation of your house at an angle that will not cast shadows for the majority of the day. Take advantage of the views that your custom home has to offer by ensuring that social and entertainment rooms have large windows that are strategically placed to show off the natural beauty of your property. If you are forced to place master or guest bedrooms in a location that faces the sunrise, there are plenty of great blackout blinds.

It is very rare that a homeowner gets the chance to build his or her dream home. I highly recommend that these considerations be taken into effect so that you can enjoy every aspect of your new life.

Hannah is a security enthusiast and likes to stay up to date on the latest home security tips.

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