House Floor Plans can be for Life

Many small children spend their time looking around, examining, wondering and thinking about their surroundings. Sometimes, it is merely: “My, these walls are tall and that ceiling is far away.” And sometimes it is along the lines of: “What is between the ceiling and the sloping roof that is above the ceiling? I know where the ceiling ends in conjunction with the outside view of my home, and from the outside I can see the shape of the roof and where it starts, and from there I may deduce that the ceiling is not an accurate representation of the space in my home…so what really is between the ceiling and the pointed top of my roof?” Well, as many children later learn, this would be the attic. The attic is a common feature in many house floor plans, though depending on the culture, fashion and utility, the attic may not exist at all!

For one, the utility of an attic depends largely on the climate of the region in which it is being built and will be shown in the house floor plans being used to build one’s home. In snowy climes, where winter reigns often throughout the year, one may often see steep steeples on almost all the homes in order to prevent snow from piling up and collapsing the roof (much to the detriment of many people inside). While hot air rises, it will always pile into the attic and diffuse into the air around the house. To prevent this, every good house plan will include placement of turbine ventilators or exhaust fans and total area of the attic ventilation must be equal or greater to 1/150th of the floor area of the attic, with at least half of those vents in the upper half of the attic. This prevents the buildup or moisture and heat so that mold growth and wood decay does not occur as fast. Never thought an attic could be so complicated, huh?

Enough about attics! The main purpose of house floor plans are to give the builder, consumer or renter a sense of what they are, quite literally, getting into. After all, a blueprint for a house could be completely nonsensical, if being contrived by an amateur. And attempting to read a blueprint could be a very confusing task for the uninitiated, though given time and a little thought, any amateur could discern a doorway from a wall! The point is that while there are oodles of house plans to choose from, there will only be one in which you will live with for a very long time (unless you are a builder or someone who is building properties to rent).


Assuming you are building your home with the intention of living there for a very long time, you should really do the research into which house floor plans will work for you. No matter what house floor plans you are considering, we have a variety to choose from, for a variety of locations.

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