Small House Plans and the Empty Nester

small house plans for empty nestersNew empty nesters often experience sad days when their last child leaves home. However, once the initial shock wears off, the realization hits them that there is a whole new world to discover. Hobbies and travelling they have missed out on because of time or finances. As well, they often think about downsizing and building a smaller version of their dream home. Then the search is on for small house plans.

Although this step of looking at plans for a smaller house feels uncomfortable at first because for a large part of their life, the big family house was the base for their children and them. They eventually realize that the house is too big and less noisy making it feel a little lonely. Trading in the family home for a more efficient smaller home shouldn’t ever be thought of as trading down. Small house plans offer more space quality and practicality. Their new, smaller dream home will take them through the rest of their lives in comfort.

There is no longer a need to feel that life as they knew it is over. Instead it is an exciting beginning, especially since with small house plans they can have a say in all aspects of the home before it’s built. This can become one of their new hobbies.

Small House Plans for Empty Nesters

The empty nesters can look at homes with less bedrooms and more space for relaxing and entertaining. When designing their new small house plan, they can also add luxurious touches, if they choose. However, no matter which direction they want to go, they should consider storage, maintenance, practicality, kitchen and master bedroom size.  Materials for small house plans are generally cheaper because less brick or wood is needed. As well it doesn’t need as much land to place it on. Empty nesters can also search for a plan that is close and then discuss the possibility of modifications.

Stairs or a Bungalow?

One challenge empty nesters face is getting rid of stairs. With aging it is important to think about the practicality of stairs. Small house plans can have a basement, or no basement and one or two floors.  Bungalow and cottage plans are very often two story so this sentence doesn’t apply.  Another factor to consider with a small house plan is whether to get a traditional, or open house plan. This can take a while to decide, particularly, if both parties can’t agree. Some empty nesters like having the master bedroom separated from the other bedrooms with a traditional plan; while others don’t.

When empty nesters are ready to start their new lives and think about building a cosier and smaller home, they have a lot of exciting things to think about. Although the transition is sometimes difficult, once they start planning their dream home, it gets them excited about the future. If you just found yourself childless, now is the best time to start looking at small house plans, to see what your next dream home will look like.

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