Important Considerations when Choosing Home Plans

A blog detailing important points that will affect how and which home plans you choose.

Home plans vary from massive to quaint and from Cape Cod styles to craftsman and even log cabins. The great thing about choosing home plans today is that your choices are endless. Depending on your particular needs, whether you live alone, have a large family or are just beginning a family – or if perhaps you are now retired, you can find a layout that is customized to you.

Although the world is your oyster when you begin shuffling through home plans to narrow down your wish list- there are a few things you should consider before settling on any one plan. First and foremost you need to think about where you are building. Is it an area that has a high water level – such as California? If you live in an area with high water levels, as in, you are more on par with the sea level then you may not be able to build a home with a basement. Similarly, if you purchased a plot of land in an already established area, there may be building restrictions enforced – such as the style of the home plans may need to match with the neighborhood or due to power lines or utilities access your home may have size restrictions. Make sure you are fully aware of any restrictions, either natural or enforced that may limit your selection before you set your heart on something you can`t have.

You should also, always, get your builder in on the home plans discussion.  They will be able to tell you about possible changes you can make to certain plans or advise you of changes that cannot be made. This can be a simple way to pare down the many options you have to choose from.  It is always best to narrow down your home plans to a short list but you don`t want anything on your short list that is impractical or impossible for your builder to provide for you – this is why it is important to consult them.  The more involved you are with your builder and the more aware they are of your tastes and preferences, the more likely you are to walk away from the homebuilding challenge a happy person.

Building your own home from the ground up is an exciting undertaking. More than that though – it`s actually more affordable to build your own home in some cases than it is to purchase a pre-existing one.  That`s pretty incredible but the final thing you need to think about when narrowing down your home plans short list, is your future. Invest in home plans and a well thought out design that is going to meet your needs either as an individual or a family for the next twenty years. Yes, you may decide to sell way before then but it`s nice to be able to choose to sell as opposed to having no choice because you have outgrown a home that you put so much time and effort into customizing. So remember, when the time comes to sift through the array of home plans out there think: Restrictions, Builder, Future and you will be on your way to a great, practical short-list of homes for you or your family.

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