How to Stay Organized When Looking At House Floor Plans

Browsing house floor plans is exciting but you need to stay organized so you can remember your favorite ones.

Is it that special time in your life when you get to look at house floor plans?  Much like the day you go shopping for your wedding dress or the day you get your first car or the keys to your first apartment, the first time you go looking for the plans that will eventually be your home is one of the most exciting and memorable days in your life.  Unfortunately, much like the first time you shop for your wedding dress (or tuxedo for the gentlemen!) or for your first car, you can become completely overwhelmed with all the options.   Here are some easy ways you can stay organized while looking at house floor plans.

•    Make a budget:  You can’t have a dream home that you cannot afford.  That is not a dream home; that is a financial nightmare.  The stress of living paycheck to paycheck and in constant dread of anything that will strain your tight budget (appliance breakdowns, car repairs, time off work due to illness) will cause you to resent your money pit of a home.  No matter what your budget, there is a house out there that has most, if not all, of the elements you need.  Before you start looking at house floor plans, decide just how much house you can realistically afford.

•    Separate needs and wants: You can customize house floor plans to have every whim you can imagine, but is an oversized dining room more important than ample storage?  Think about your lifestyle, your family and the ways you need your house to function for you.  If you have social children, perhaps you want a basement where they can hang out with their friends.  Love to socialize?  Then a theatre room or large parlor is for you.  Plan your home for form and function before you add in your wants.  Needs are things you must have to make your home work for you.  Wants are things that are nice to have, but you can live without.  Both needs and wants come with a price tag, so plan accordingly and stay on budget.

•    Search online:  Once you have a realistic budget in place and know what elements you want and need in your home, it is time to start browsing house floor plans.  Doing so online is the most efficient way to see all your options.  Here at Monster House Plans we have many ways to keep you organized while choosing from among our over 20,000 plans.  Our advanced search allows you to view only the plans that fit your criteria.  You can save plans that you like in a favorites list that is accessible to you each time you log in.

•    Get information from reliable sources:  You are going to have questions as you narrow your selection of house floor plans to your one dream home.  Questions about an investment of this importance should only be handled by the experts.  At Monster House Plans, you can talk to an architect, not a call center agent, to ensure your questions are properly addressed.

We love house floor plans, which is why we have over 20,000 of them!  That is a big number, but a few simple steps is all it takes to keep from being overwhelmed as you find the plan that is perfect for you.

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