Small House Plans will Result in the Home of Your Dreams

Have you ever thought that perhaps your small house plans just weren’t visionary enough? A massive home with an echoing front hall isn’t everyone’s ideal.  Smaller homes provide a warmer atmosphere in a reasonable space. There are practical benefits to more modest homes as well, including the cost to build, utility costs, the amount of land needed and future upkeep.  Ultimately, the bigger your home the bigger the costs associated with it.

It’s not all about money though; small homes are fantastic in many ways.  So if someone is teasing you about your small house plans for the future, you can make an excellent argument.  Things to keep reminding yourself about include; you have a larger variety of locations to build available to you, it will be cost effective and custom and your small house plans will be fulfilling your big dreams!

Some people just have home envy. It’s true, home ownership is something that is not within reach for everyone.  Your small house plans might be a bone of contention for some because not only are you buying a new home, you’re building a new home! You get to choose each detail from the ground up and you will undoubtedly have friends and family who purchased an existing home that they were not one hundred percent satisfied with. Even though you have small house plans, building from the ground up is going to allow you to make sure that you structure your home to your personal or family needs.

Perhaps you have small house plans because it’s your second home, a rental property or a vacation home?  In that case you need to consider several different things; a rental home should meet all generic needs and be highly functional, don’t waste any space! If it’s a second home or vacation home then be sure your small house plans cater to the needs you’ll need met while you are there.  For instance, you aren’t there all year round so perhaps a massive bedroom is less important than a beautiful deck overlooking the scenery.

A vacation home implies time and luxury so maybe consider looking at small house plans that allow for an opulent bathroom where you can really relax.  Don’t overlook the fact that, despite not living in it all year round, you still have to maintain it.  Consider house plans that have features which will allow for easy or low levels of maintenance.   Some of these features could be; a low-pitch roof, easily accessible eaves troughs and a durable exterior building material.  Don’t overlook exterior additions either.  If you are planning to build a deck onto the home, ensure all the wood is cured and sealed so it doesn’t warp in temperature extremes.   There are also weather-friendly and environmentally friendly materials available for decking that are made of resin and require very little work to maintain.

Luckily, no matter why you need small house plans, you are definitely going to love designing the home (or vacation home) of your dreams!  We have many great small house plans available for you to choose from.

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