The Log Home Plans of Your Dreams

The ultimate vacation spot is a log cabin tucked away in the woods overlooking a beautiful lake.  Wouldn’t you agree? Well life at the cottage isn’t for everyone but what if you had the opportunity to build your own log home from the ground up?  Imagine you won the lottery and you could literally choose from dozens of  log home plans or even design your own.  How would one even choose?  Certain things would obviously effect what plan you chose but if you were rich you could have just about anything you wanted.  Then again, if you were rich you might be considering more modest log home plans that would afford you a discreet hiding spot somewhere.  A guilty pleasure for some people is flipping through the charity lottery brochures and gaping at the grand prize homes and cars while trying to picture yourself winning. So, in that spirit, let’s consider this an exercise in guilty pleasure.

Design your own log home plans.  What would they include? How about an impressive fireplace for the winter months and a large open family-style kitchen? You would likely want more than a couple bedrooms so you could entertain guests and maybe a game room.  What do you picture when you think about the outside of the home?  Log home plans should include some spectacular feature that really catches the eye.  Maybe a dramatic A-frame roof or a gorgeous wrap-around deck would be just the ticket.  Then there is the question of location…should it be secluded or in a community of log homes?  Would you put it right on the lake or not quite?  The options to consider are endless.

If you managed to come up with even a vague idea of what your log home plans would resemble then why don’t you think about building it?  Seriously, just because it’s a log home, doesn’t mean it can’t be your primary home too. It’s very common these days to build your own home as opposed to buying a pre-lived in one.  You now have the log home plans so you’re part of the way their! If you are on the market to purchase a new home anyway then it might not be the worst idea to look into what building new will cost you.  In many cases it can be right on par with purchasing used, depending on the area.  Something else to consider would be finding some land for sale, buying that, and then when the time is right financially you can dust off those plans and get building.

It would be nice to live everyday as if you were on vacation.  Waking up every morning to a beautiful community or wonderful scenery that surrounds a breathtaking home is the epitome of the life. Log home plans can be found through online home plan databases too, so, even if you weren’t able to come up with the perfect log home plans in your head – someone else can for you!  Don’t sell your dreams short – think big and then make it happen.

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