Reasons to Build From Log Home Plans

When looking at house plans, there are many reasons why you should consider log home plans, specifically, when designing your home.

Looking at log home plans and thinking that you just don’t want a home that is so rustic? Think again. Like everything the old becomes new again and log home plans are reflecting this shift in building trends. Today’s log homes are as modern as any other homes and can be built to your specifications. Long gone are the cabin-style days of dirt floors and a singular open dusty room with very little light. Today you can choose a log home that feels luxurious, has all the amenities but is filled with old-world character and charm. So, why build a log home? Why not just go with a more modern look? Here’s why it’s worth your time investing in a log home.

Log homes are built using natural materials, which provide a timeless, beautiful look and minimize your carbon footprint. Less processing of the wood and minimal shipping time makes this type of home perfect for the eco-conscious homeowner. Many construction companies build from log home plans using local timber. Logs can be dried in a kiln to remove all of the moisture or used “green” and freshly cut. Green logs used in log home plans usually take about four years to reach equilibrium with the local conditions. Your home will blend in with its natural surroundings and become one with nature. The result is a beautiful home that has been built with very little impact to the environment and it appears as though it belongs in the environment.

Many people wonder if a log home will be efficient enough for the changing seasons and hold up to today’s busy demands. Most people don’t realize that log homes are extremely efficient. Large diameter logs retain heat well in the winter and a cozy fire place can warm the heart of your home. Logs are also very good for keeping the house cool in the summer by blocking the intense heat from the sun. Dense packed logs are an excellent sound barrier making for a very quiet home and since wood absorbs sound, moving around inside your home with a busy family will be twice as nice. Log home plans are perfect for every lifestyle.

Log home plans have evolved from the simple log cabins of the past, to modern and innovative dwellings with many options and possibilities. At Monster House Plans we have so many log home plans to choose from. If you’re looking to build a simple cabin, you’ll find the perfect design and style here. If you are looking to build an ultra-modern palatial lodge, you’ll find that here too, and everything in between. Our log home plans can cater to any style or need, and for a fraction of the cost that you would pay an architect. Often, people wonder about the value of log homes. Traditionally, handcrafted log homes usually have a higher resale value than other homes of the same size. House buyers value the craftsmanship of houseplans and will pay more for the timeless beauty of a well-crafted house.

Monster House Plans sells log home plans and thousands of other plans in all the styles you want. If you are looking for house plans, Monster is the one resource you need.

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