Choosing the Size of Your Log Home Plans

When looking at house plans, there are many options and styles available.

Many people think of log homes as a sort of luxury item, and assume that all log home plans have to be big and elaborate. It is understandable how this mentality could have developed. Log homes are a bit of a rarity now as homeowner’s associations tend to limit anything that is aesthetically different or unique, and log homes might look a little out of place in most urban neighborhoods. However, it is important to remember that log homes weren’t always considered a luxury; in fact, they used to be considered the most basic and rustic type of home available! If you are interested in having a log home built, your log home plans don’t have to be large, sweeping, or dramatic. Your log home can be warm, cozy, and humble and still be beautiful.

As quaint and rustic as a log home can look, the truth is that they can be fairly expensive to build.log house in the woods Nowadays, there are many types of siding and building materials that are cheap to manufacture, such as vinyl siding, making them cheaper than log homes. Because log homes are unique, there aren’t as many builders who have experience handling log home plans. Don’t let this discourage you from designing log home plans, though. Log homes are worth every dollar you spend on them. They are stable, sturdy, and absolutely breathtaking to look at. However, the cost might mean that you should be open to designing a slightly smaller log home. Sure, there are many people with huge, dramatic log homes, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be excessive. You won’t be happy with it if you go outside your budget and are stuck with an overwhelming expense.

The interesting thing about log homes is that in many ways, they are more suited to a smaller size, so don’t worry if your log home plans aren’t massive. Log homes bring to mind warmth and comfort, and a certain rustic charm. Smaller log homes feel cozy and inviting, and pleasant and safe to be in. If you do choose to go with a larger log home, you should decide in advance how you want to decorate it. There will be a natural juxtaposition of styles between a large mansion and a rustic fabrication, so it might be a little tricky to come up with décor that feels natural, sincere, and fitting for the home. All it takes is a little thought and planning ahead of time, and no matter what size your log home is, it will be beautiful and truly feel like home.

When working with log home plans, it’s important to remember not to cave in to how you feel it should look. Log homes, in every shape, size, location, and style, are a unique statement, and you shouldn’t let other people dictate how you go about designing and decorating your own. Make your log home unique comfortable, within your budget, and a happy place for you, your friends, and your family to gather together. That’s all you really need out of a home and you can make it happen – with our help of course!

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